Fawn Iris

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Fawn Iris
ResidencePrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipThe Crystal Millennium
OccupationAdministrative Assistant
EmployerA.C. Peters

Created by: Cobalt Greywalker

The person who would become Fawn Iris was one of three late-model biomods rescued from Boskone Four. According to the records, the researchers were trying to reproduce the same effect as N suffers from. This would allow them to produce a product that would morph (physically and mentally) into the perfect loyal companion for their owner. The result was close.

The first of them (a woman) was released by the Trekkies, and morphed into a duplicate of Deanna Troi. Realising what was happening, they covered themselves and released the second (a man) who morphed into a duplicate of Orlando Bloom's Legolas. Finally they brought in the big guns, and A.C. lost the straw-pull. Totally enclosed in a sterilised and bulky spacesuit, she released the last of the subjects... who morphed into Fawn Iris.

It seemed as though the prior conditioning had erased the memories of the three and no record could be found of their previous identities, so they were shipped off for treatment and counseling.

Fawn ended up joining the Senshi, then ripped through basic training like a laser through vacuum much to everyone's surprise (not the least of which was hers). But she knew instinctively she needed to be somewhere else.

In mid-February she turned up at Prometheus Forge with all her belongings, told A.C. she was the cyberneticist's new administrative assistant, and got to work.


Voluptuous, dark-skinned and haired.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • This goes here, this goes there...: Decent organiser.
  • <wolf-whistle>. <twitch>: Beautiful and knows it, though she sometimes gets tired of it.

'Wavium Abilities

  • You do this, this, and this: Instinctively knows how to do any sort of paperwork. And field strip guns. And play a piano. And raise cattle. And...
  • There's a pea under my mattresses: Is very sensitive.


  • Here, it's your turn: Will cajole, glare, pester, or otherwise make sure do your bit in whatever job she helps with.
  • Hey, You alright?: Suffers from flashbacks.
  • It's quittin' time! Come here, my bath of chocolate!: Is OBSCENELY hedonistic out of work.