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Earthbound nations' relations with the Convention
Earthbound nations tend to treat the Convention as a monolithic entity; there are very few cases where someone's faction makes a difference how he's treated by any given 'Danelaw nation.

Similarly, the Articles of Convention set forth particular rules about how factions can interact with the 'Danelaw in order to keep the earthbound nations from becoming completely hostile to the Convention.

North America

Officially, the North American governments act as a bloc with regard to Fenspace: handwavium is a restricted substance throughout the continent, and 'waved technology requires a local permit in every state, province, and territory. Unofficially, Canada and Mexico don't always go along with their more powerful mutual neighbor.


Neutral-to-friendly (Would be "Friendly", but don't want to piss off the USA)

Canada has a slightly more open policy to Fenspace than the United States does. Handwavium is controlled, but is not illegal, and 'waved devices are licenced much like automobiles are. AIs are distrusted but not shunned.[1] Unofficially, Fen are treated like any other tourist or ex-pat in Canada.

The Convention maintains a Consulate in Canada.


Neutral, mixed

Officially, the Mexican government toes the North American party line about handwavium to keep their relationship civil enough to get US aid against the organized crooks. What local Policia do, OTOH...

The United States of America

Neutral, mixed

While the USA is not openly hostile to the Convention, they are paranoid about Handwavium to the point of having very strict anti-Handwavium laws. These make working with American companies at least difficult for Fen.

The Transrationality Science Assessment Bureau buys handwaved equipment from the Fen; no other government agency is allowed to use handwavium. (NASA space operations were sold to the Artemis Foundation because of this.) The US Navy claims it isn't a government "agency" and has at least one 'waved submarine and a base in the Main Belt.

Official US policy is to assist Fen of US descent who want to return home, unless they're biomodded.

Biomods are officially frowned upon in the United States, and biomodded people are usually held in "protective custody". Unofficial reactions to biomods range from "sometimes useful, I guess" to "lock 'em all up in Gitmo".[2]

Some prominent BNFs are officially on anti-terror watch lists due to overzealous investigators or blatantly amoral politicians trying to be seen "doing something about the Fen." Subsequently, they have had difficulty getting off the lists when the political climate stabilized under the current administration. BNF on the "terror lists" include Vulpine Fury, The Professor, and most of the crew of the Gnarlycurl (especially Wave Convoy, Shuko, and Marcel LeChevalier). The adult crew of the Grover's Corners are wanted criminals in the eyes of both the Feds and West Virginia, but have not been elevated to the lofty rank of "terrorists" -- yet.

The United States Congress has made periodic attempts to legislate against the "Fen Threat". The most notable of these attempts are the Subversive Literature Act of 2009 and the Federal Land Theft Prevention Act of 2012.

Tellingly, the Junior Senator from New Hampshire got his office by ramping up anti-Wave hysteria and (not incidentally) setting up Vulpine Fury by indirectly providing Eljay with his "seed strain" so he'd have a "Media Devil" to trot out and raise fear. His machinations are often opposed by the newest Congresswoman from Colorado, who otherwise has not expressed any public position on the Fen.

Central and South America





Chile has a treaty with the Convention that allows emergency landings on Easter Island. They otherwise ignore Fenspace.



Columbian authorities assist with anti-drug-cartel operations and expect the same assistance in return. The government wants Gervasio Faustino de Leon extradited if he's ever arrested; they otherwise ignore Fenspace.


Neutral-to-friendly (Like Canada, would be "Friendly", but don't want to piss off the USA)

Peru entered in Fenspace in a similar way to Indonesia: As a source for experiences agriculture workers (in Peru's case, for the city of Marduk). Those were mainly poor Incan natives.

What would eventually be known as the Peruvian Market changed Peru's relation with Space. A couple enterprising earthlings with family in Marduk began a weekly farmers market -they would fly from their farms in earth to the moon, and then go back home. The Peruvians at Nuevo Cuzco -most of then coming from farming families- saw this, and proved that fendanes are also able to have blue hair days; first a few, then dozens and hundreds of Peruvian Mardukans sent back home care packages with several specific (and possibly illegal on Earth) handwavium strains.

A few months later, the weekly Marduk market was a huge affair, and Huarocondo[3] was the biggest spaceport in South America, with hundreds of improvised spaceships (which most fen, being European and Japanese and American, would swear should not be able to drive, much less fly interplanetary distances); the nation is starting to have its own handwavium industry, and, as the logical result for mixing a population with poor literacy and dangerous materials, Peruvian quechuas have the highest percentage of biomods of any group still on Earth.

The fen relations still remain mostly in the hands of the natives, but Peru has opened a Consulate in Marduk, and will probably open another Consulate in Juno City soon if the number of Peruvian Belter miners keeps increasing.


Neutral, mixed

Venezuela generally treats the Convention as just another country/alliance with one exception - the Soviet Air Force. The current government likes to portray itself as the vanguard of anti-Americanism in the world, and the VVS' actions in trolling the United States time and again makes them rather popular in Venezuela. However, the VVS isn't fond of the Venezuelan government, considering the whole barely-democratic central party rule... well, declasse.[4] The Central Committee hasn't undertaken a campaign of memetic warfare against the Venezuelan government - yet - but their coolness towards Venezuelan overtures has made life complicated.


Italy, as seen from the International Space Station

In a reaction to the United States' policies, the European Union and other European countries tend to have good relations with the Convention. ESA regularly hires Fen to handle their surface-to-orbit transfers to Nouveau Paris.



**WHITENOISE** They actually like The Professor, letting(?) him use their royal yacht.



Thanks to The Professor's antics before he moved to space, France has a decidedly cooler attitude to the Convention than do most other European nations. Known supplies of handwavium or 'waved equipment are inspected regularly, and anything that even seems like Mad Science is monitored very closely by the French. However, they are the major backers of the ESA's Nouveau Paris orbital facility, and routine business is not restricted any more than in other parts of the EU.


Neutral-to-Friendly, mixed

The relations of the German government with Fenspace is best described as being pragmatic. With several smaller groups in Fenspace having closer ties to their homeland then others, combined with a relatively good initial press for Fenspace, the Government tends to largely ignore what is going on in Fenspace ever since signing the Kandor Treaty and taking their sweet time to make new laws.

While access to Handwavium is restricted to the Max Plank Institute for Exotic Materials and the Bundesnachrichtendienst, 'waved items only need a license to own. In most cases this license is easily obtained, except for items that may be used as weapons. Biomods are not presenting much of a problem; however, larger parts of the population will show negative reactions to the presence of an obvious biomod. This is largely due to the influence of the largest German 'newspaper'.

There is a small space port facility in the Ruhr area of Germany; however fen are strongly advised to contact German Air Control at least 48 hours in advance. This allows sufficient time for all paperwork to be filled out and filed and a flight plan generated that minimizes the risk of accidental 'wavium contamination of the population at large. This is not to say that this is a cast iron requirement for using the field, however your reception will be much less cordial if you fail to 'phone ahead'.

On some days the Rhein Ruhr Space Port is picketed by (for European standards) far right and far left groups. In one or two cases fen were injured by the protesters. There is also an unusually high concentration of unmarked black vans parked close to the space port with absolutely no relations to the CIA or other intelligence agencies.[5]

Of note are the relative high chances to be mock chased by US Air Force interceptors while flying near Rammstein AFB.

One reason for the more pragmatic approach of Germany to Fenspace is a strong ongoing trade of German goods into Fenspace and a return flow of harder to find raw materials of all sorts.

Main export articles are beer, various machinery, beer, tools, various alcohols (including beer), authentic German sausages, and beer.


Neutral-to-Friendly, mixed

The Irish Government's attitude to Fenspace is best described as changing and changeable.

The failing Fianna Fáil/Green Party coalition first sought to use handwavium as a political hot potato, enacting some pretty tough laws to divert attention from other more pressing issues. Handwavium possession was classed as a scheduled offence.[6] The launch of the Ciara and some of Jet Jaguar's filmed overflights embarrassed the government. Jet's escape made a mockery of an air force still using turboprops as front-line fighters.

Although a new government was elected in 2011, it wasn't until after the Boskone war that attitudes began to shift. President Micheal D. Higgins has declared his intention to visit Fenspace in the future, but has yet to receive permission from the Government to do so. The Government has taken a more pragmatic approach to the Convention, repealing many of the stricter laws to facilitate the housing and land sales in 2014. As part of the negotiations, a blanket pardon was enacted by President Higgins forgiving most handwavium-related crimes when Ireland ratified the Kandor Treaty. Others are still technically wanted fugitives for supposedly-unrelated reasons.[7] The Government shows little interest in pursuing them.

Handwavium Law enforcement is handled by the Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented (GUBU).

The Irish Government is attempting to market itself as a gateway to the European economy, and has noticeably relaxed handwavium import restrictions do to so. Corporate taxes are also kept low, to entice Fen into establishing a presence on Irish soil. The Government is attempting to emulate Australia in its own unique way.

Owning handwavium requires the completion of a mandatory recognized safety course and a GUBU-issued permit. Spacecraft and vehicles must maintain proper registration documents subject to inspection. In theory, pilots overflying Ireland would require a legally recognized licence.[8] Many Fen choose to just use ocean-landing craft and dock at seaports.

There is a decent-sized Irish diaspora in Fenspace. Very few of them would consider themselves fen. Most are just looking to work their way through the recession and send the money home and have no interest in getting involved in the fun. 'Moving to Australia' has become something of a local euphemism for launching into orbit.



Spain started its relation with fenspace as a neutral nation, which did not care much for this whole `wave business.

This changed with a combination of three factors: The Spanish construction bubble, the fact that one of the bigger Fen construction companies was owned by a spaniard, and an election race.

When the bubble crashed, Genesis saw a chance to hire a lot of experienced workers, so it began talks with the spanish Ministry of Industry to set a hiring agency. The main hurdle (from Genesis' point of view) is that its owner was biomodded, and had several AI which he considered his children. He refused to trade with any nation that did not grant AIs rights.

While negotiations [9] went on, the elections came, and one on the minor left parties, which knew about then, leaked the news and took an euql rights for everyone approach. Not to be outdone, the main Left party, the PSOE, also added the platform, and their conservative opponents did not dare risk losing votes.

Swept in the flow, the law for equal rights passed just before the elections, and as what they thought would be a publicity stunt, Bernini Vykos (the eldest of the Genesis' AI and the only one to Awaken in Spain) was granted nationality. As Bernie had only spent a few weeks in Earth before moving to the moon, they did not think the symbolic gesture would matter. Until the other spanish AIs, who had been hiding, came out of the electronic closet.

Marduk City, headquarters of Genesis and with about a third of spaniards among its people, is still the main spanish contact with Fenspace. Spain has a mid sized Spaceport in Ciudad Real, south of Madrid (both for cargo and passengers), and while it lacks its own embassy, it has a full staff in the joined European Union Embassy on Kandor, plus Consulates in Marduk, Port Lowell, and Juno City, with a fourth one planned in Crystal Tokyo should the spanish population or economic interests in Venus increase.

The United Kingdom

Neutral-to-Friendly, mixed

While Handwavium is restricted much like in the US to government control, it is possible to get licenses to use it, transport it, or own handwaved equipment.[10] The BBI office in London helps out with such things. Several conservatives (not the political party) in Parliament want to restrict handwavium further, but it is politically inconvenient to do so,[11] plus there are several military projects going on using the stuff.

Due to The Commonwealth, the relationship of Australia to Fenspace colours UK government policy, as does the position of Canada. The Special Relationship between the UK and the USA really complicates things. The Foreign Office would like the whole problem to go away, particularly with the issues many Conservatives still have towards Europe.

In practice the licence requirements tend to be ignored, as they are almost impossible to enforce - rather like the laws on personal use of cannabis. What tends to be relevant is what you do with handwavium, and the laws mean that if you do something dangerous or stupid you can become a criminal. Government agencies, central down to town councils, need experts to deal with handwavium issues, and having the appropriate licences can provide a useful source of income (you'd be a fool to advertise your expertise without one). It is the Fire Service that is called in the UK to deal with emergency handwavium issues, though each county tends to do things a bit differently, Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue, and they all work with the Environment Agency. Yes, there will be firemen in hazmat suits if there seems a risk of contamination.

Trying to fly in UK airspace without a pilot licence is illegal and highly dangerous, given the congested airways, and you will find there are fighter aircraft escorting you, if you ignore ATC requests to immediately land. Fen who evade the aircraft will find there are unmarked 'unconventional vehicles' at least as agile as they are shadowing them. Even staying below five hundred feet will cause problems in many parts of the UK, and almost all the seas around the UK are covered by radar. Fen flying in UK airspace need to know where the air lanes are, and how to avoid them. Probably the best bet is to get well out over the Atlantic, to the West of Ireland, before heading for or arriving from Fenspace. Or, you could try having really good passive detection and an invisible spacecraft...

The UK hasn't got any official representatives in Fenspace, though you can be pretty certain that there are unofficial ones, working to "support British interests". Older people in the UK, including many in the RAF, haven't forgotten Dan Dare, and some are really unhappy about what happened to the British space program. Fen, if they are a little careful (and probably if they look human) can be regarded as just a bit eccentric, and maybe even heroic. Unfortunately, the UK media, such as the Daily Mail can regard Fenspace as a good source on 'slow news days', and there have been a number of media-caused (or at least inflamed) moral panics ("HP schoolboy polyjuiced into catgirl - our children aren't safe!", etc).

The Middle East

Middle-eastern opinions of the Fen range from friendly to hostile. Once Stellvia became a full state in late-2014, the OPEC members put what diplomatic pressure on them they can, in order to present a united front to the world's oil consumers; this has worked about as well as the pressure they've put on Canada.



Israel's relations are heavily faction-dependent. Rather than seeing Fenspace as a whole, they tend to weigh in behind a couple of factions and corporations with a strong Pro-Israel ethos. Israel neither confirms nor denies the use of handwavium within its military, but it's pretty much an open secret that (at the very least) the rocket defence systems around Haifa and most border towns are waved. Reports of flying Merkavas, however, are treated with mild derision on most forums.

They are known to sell or trade older weapons systems to the Space Patrol and Great Justice.[12]

The Israel Space Agency has yet to venture past Earth orbit, so there is very little contact between the ISA and the Convention's various space fleets.



Extremely Hostile

China has closed their borders to the Fen ever since members of Hermes Universal Deliveries brought a train-load of willing people out of Beijing without government permission. Handwavium devices, AI, and biomods are classed "seize on sight". The Interwave is blocked. Transmissions from Babylon .5 and other near-Earth Fen broadcasters are jammed.[13]

Fen pilots are advised to avoid Chinese airspace at all costs.



**WHITENOISE** Rumors are circling that the Indian Space Research Organization might be planning a colony effort to Mars.



Officially, Japan treat the Convention much like any other nation that isn't Japan. Unofficially, JAXA and "fen-speisu" otaku like the Fen while conservative parents forbid Interwave access to their children.



Kazakhstan loves the VVS, and allow Fen to use Baikonur Spaceport at reasonable rates.

Moscow, as seen from the International Space Station




This is likely the friendliest part of Earth, at least as far as the Fen are concerned.


Very Friendly

Australia was one of the first nations to sign the Kandor Treaty, managing to ratify the agreement even before the Wizarding World and the Supers chose to do so.

The Australian government puts no unusual requirements on Fen flights into or out of Oz, and actively cooperates with the Big Six factions, the VVS, the Roughriders, and Stellvia Corporation in areas of mutual concern. Australia let Stellvia declare independence without any fuss, and were the first Earth country to recognize the new nation's existence. [14]

The Convention maintains an Embassy in Canberra.



**WHITENOISE** Watches Ganymede to make sure the Indonesian ex-pats there are not mistreated

New Zealand


New Zealand likes the VVS, and officially likes StellviaCorp. (Unofficially, some mandarins in the bureaucracy hold a grudge against the Stellvians.)

The Solomon Islands


Since the Solomon Islands never signed the Outer Space Treaty, spaceflight and space colonization have been very good for their finances. The Solomon Space Agency works with Fen space-lift companies in matters of mutual interest.


African opinions of the Fen are mixed.



Of all the OPEC nations, the Libyan government has the most favorable view of Fen, thanks to the communications and intelligence support provided from the group that would become the Hacker Underspace and the cadre provided by various military Fen that the Benghazi transitional council received during the 2011 civil war.



The Federal Republic of Nigeria has never forgotten or forgiven The Island "land theft". Nigerians in Fenspace are on their own.

The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a far less important political entity in the 21st Century than previously, but the relationships between these countries cuts across geographical boundaries. For example, both Australia and The Solomon Islands are in the Commonwealth, as is Canada. The policy of free trade can make things particularly 'sticky'. There is no common treaty-based relationship with Fenspace, though the examples of Australia and the Solomon Islands are making quite a few of the smaller nations look envious.

Fenspace Convention Policies Regarding the 'Danelaw

On the whole, the Convention takes a hands-off policy toward Earthbound nations. The Trekkies call this their "Prime Directive," pointing out that no 'Danelaw nation has yet developed FTL travel despite the existence of handwavium and the Whole Fenspace Catalog. Many idealistic factions (such as the Senshi) prefer to let people solve their own problems, providing assistance only when it has been requested. Pragmatic factions (such as the Jossies) point out that the Convention does not have the resources, the ability, or the training to solve humanity's problems.

The only Fen group that routinely acts on Earth[15] is the Banzai Institute, who make a point of providing humanitarian assistance wherever and whenever they can. Relationships between most nations and the Institute are neutral to friendly. The Blazers rapidly develop into a worldwide organization of volunteers and philanthropists, and by 2012, the Blaze was a common sight at disaster aid stations, charity events, and public hospitals and other similar facilities. It's hard to hate a group that shows up, brings fresh water and food supplies, and sticks around to help fix things. Only regimes that cause disasters have problems with them, because the Institute is all about information dissemination, using its own network of people. Relationships with the US are a little frostier than one might expect, because the Institute has a tendency to solve problems without informing the government first. Also, there is a subpoena that the courts have been trying to serve to "Buckaroo Banzai" since Buckaroo walked through the RIAA's collective music archives and copied everything he could find there. This colors the view of some parts of the American government towards the Institute as less than congenial.


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  2. Or, in at least one tragic case, "shoot on sight".
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