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The original (2008 - 2019) Soviet flag
The official flag of the Soviet Air Force-In-Exile, adopted 2009 just before the Soviets' mission to Mercury. This flag has flown on all Soviet expeditions, and has been carried into battle by X-COM forces during the Boskone conflict (most famously flown from the steeple of the Church of the White Martyrs after the capture of Asteroid 1186 Turnera).

The flag is based off the classic red flag, with the major alteration being the purple cross in the white canton. The cross defies general explanation, though it is believed to hold great significance to the Central Committee. Those in the know have called it St. Grimace's Cross, but what that means nobody's quite sure.

The current (2019) Soviet flag
In 2019 the All-Union Soviet voted to adopt a new flag for the Sozvezdie Soviet. This flag dispensed with the St. Grimace's Cross as "too much of an in-joke" and instead opted for a more abstract expression of Soviet goals. The triangle pointing towards the hoist suggests both a new way of governance and a 'leftward' direction, the color white represents peace, the color red is the traditional socialist color, the white ring extending beyond the edges of the flag represents expansion and the future.

Both flags are still in use in the Soviet: the original flag still adorns the sides of the flagship Ptichka, among other places.

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