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Ford Sierra
BornMisty Carlson
September 10, 1989(1989-09-10)
ResidenceMarsbase Sara
NationalityUnited States

Bounty Hunter

Years active2008-
EmployerSelf Employed
Home townChicago, Illinois.
Height170 cm
PartnerJet Jaguar
ParentsJanet and Paul Carlson
RelativesMackie Jaguar: Nephew [1]

Ford Sierra

You know, she's been up here longer than me and that's saying something. A First-Fen from Marsbase Sara who set up there before it was even called that. She's a mechanic, a bounty hunter and a gunsmith - oftentimes, all three. Any resemblance to Rally Vincent is a coincidence. [2]


Ford's real name is Misty Carlson - it's not that hard to hide when you escaped from the Chicago Police Department by jumping a car off the 59th street bridge and just going up-up-up [3]. Since taking an alias was de-rigeur at the time, she chose the first one in line-of-sight; Ford Sierra. It's also the original reason she started running from the cops - apparently, the NHTSA wanted to confiscate that car and crush it rather than any wavecrime. [4]. Of course, in her car was an unlicensed handgun, a dozen kilograms of metallic handwavium, a few liquids and probably some drugs after the Cops were finished planting them. A freight train of felonies that meant the potential of a long stretch in prison....

What we know about her from before that, was that she was 17, and dropped out of highschool to take up a trade as an auto-mechanic. [5]. She found her first chunk of solid wave in a junkyard looking for car parts, and, not knowing what it was, promptly machined a single cylinder engine from it like it was billet metal. Story has it she did the same thing to her own car - replacing the core engine parts with machined handwavium solids - but with the wreck long gone, nobody'll know for sure.

Two months later she's running for orbit in a hurry with half the CPD chasing after her.

So, Ford is most definitely, not traditional Fen. She's not into the fandom thing - she's a pure Gearhead from the start and stayed up for the Freedom more than anything else. Ford settled on Marsbase Sara before it was called Marsbase Sara, calling an old tanker-truck home. Needing money and food, and realising that more than a few people were having engine trouble since handwaving was an even less exact science than it is now, she set up her own mechanic's shop on what would become Sara, along with a recovery and vehicle tow service.

She did good enough that she rapidly became known for being a lifesaver. Literally, and figuratively. She might've become one of the early BNF's if an old, overloaded hydraulic lift hadn't collapsed while she was working under it - costing her an arm and a leg and her hearing in the process. It put her out of action, until she could arrange cybernetic replacements from a then new face in orbit, and recover from the resulting surgeries. [6]

By the time she got back to work, the 'verse had begun to move on with Marsbase Sara was being founded and most of the momentum she'd built up being lost. By then, Ford was just Ordinary Fen... most people don't even know how long she's been around.

History in Fenspace


Ford was at Islandcon and Kandorcon - and still has original T-shirts from both to boot[7]. Her car still bore the scorchmarks on the paint from Kohran Li's little explosive indiscretion in the car-park as late as 2011, and lead to her long standing distrust of Stellviacorp. When war was beginning, Ford sensed the opportunity and got out into the Belt, getting herself a good money-spinning line on salvaging wrecks, or recovering those with engine trouble. [8] There were a few close calls, but that old Cosworth of hers was one of the fastest things in Fenspace at the time so nothing could catch her.

By all accounts it was pretty successful up until a wreck she attempted to salvage objected to it violently - and waited until she was chained to it before voicing that objection. They left her for dead when they saw the car's atmosphere vent. Ford however, was most definitely not...

Yet anyway. [9]

She had an hour or two to make her peace with God while watching her oxygen gauge slowly run down. I mean man, that's a special kind of hell - being out alone with a blasted comm system and her oxygen gauge ticking down an exact time to death. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. But since a million to one chances come up nine times in ten when you deal with Fen, a courier on a pigeon run between Great Justice HQ and the outer belt just happened across the drifting wreck.

That was how Ford Sierra met Jet Jaguar.

By mutual account, it wasn't love at first sight. They shared a drink when they reached safety, before going their separate ways. Ford managed to track down a pickup truck to replace her lost love [10] The original Dragon Wagon was, by her own admission, a poor replacement, but it could still pull like a train and was hellishly tough compared to her old sports car.

And that's the way she continued. She ran into Jet again once or twice - including one meeting when they were both in for cybernetics maintenance.

Until they get to SerenityCon and finally figure that they both might want to try a relationship. And then the [s]Fire Nation[/s] Boskone decided to have their say. Ford was on the ground. Her and her tough truck were caught on the surface. Ford was one of those who loaded their craft up with evacuees and ran the Boskone gauntlet to Gnarlycurl. She did it three times, the old Dragon Wagon taking a beating but keeping on going.

There she met up with a beaten and battered Jet Jaguar and the remains of the Engel Gruppe.

That photograph became part of the opening credit roll for the Worlds at War.

Working together, they both gather a bunch of others making rescue runs in their fencraft into a convoy, with the Engels guarding the whole thing. They made another five runs before the attack was over evacuating dozens without losing anyone. Ford gets a civil certificate from the Convention authority for it.

After that, they were something of an item. An odd one, with many questions about how exactly they do things[11], but still an item. Ford returns to making rescue, recovery and salvage runs in the Main Belt, building up a fair chunk of cash through Open Form salvage and the like. The war ends and all of Marsbase Sara throws a massive party featuring fireworks and BBQ and video of Ford falling down drunk for what looks to be the first time in her life...

Three days later, she's picking up another junker in the belt and fixing Heavy Gears while hung over.

Ford's one of the first to register with the as a Bounty Hunter in 2014 and she starts pulling in even more cash from some fairly hefty scores - normally beyond an otherwise 'amateur' bounty hunter. She makes an attempt at bringing in Naoko Sato on Nehallenia - coincidentally timed with a Panzer Kunst raid led by her partner kicking over the Zwilnik nest, suggesting more than a little mutual assistance going on between the pair.

in May 2015, Ford builds and tunes the engine for the Highway Star in three months, getting over 1000kW from a pure-hardtech turbocharged 2600cc Wankel engine running on traditional dead-dinosaur petrol and lots of tetra-ethyl lead. [12]. It pushes a massive slab of a motorcycle through 600kph to claim a genuine Guinness-accredited world record, and just keeps going.... It's a dinosaur in the modern-era sure, but it's a total velociraptor. Nine years, and thousands of kilometres after being built, it's still fast and tough enough to be ridden to the rescue at Motorcon by Kohran Li.

The same basic design, with the assistance of some AI programming and a good handwaving, also holds the Whole Fenspace Speed Record.

Ford gets into debt for the first time in her life when she buys 77 Frigga with her partner. They both spend the next three years alternating between working as contractors for the Roughriders during the week, and weekends rebuilding the remains of Frigga's systems. Ford's a master mechanic on Atalante and Fides, also making contributions to the Outlaw Class development project, and the road-going mechanicals of the first Motoroid.

After three years she earns her honourable discharge cert and starts working as the armourer for Survival Shot. She's got money enough that she also starts building a small collection on unwaved gas-powered cars, running them in Frigga's open tunnels, before making a downpayment on the Outlaw Class 'Dragon Wagon II'.

It gets paid off within weeks when Ford makes the biggest score of her life - bringing in a Bounty on a Triax Executive placed by Noah Scott. [13], gaining herself some notoriety along the way for how she kept a Fett from snatching the mark, and a lifetime ban from Albemuth for clogging their environmental systems with diesel soot.

Ford starts her own gunsmithing business - Ford's HeavyArms [14], originally building one-off custom weapons. Including what can only be described as an anti-tank pistol based around the Vulcan round. She also builds an semi-automatic rifle version that finds a home amongst FESWAT and F-SoG teams looking for the ability to make some seriously big dents. The six original 'Caster' gun replicas are collector pieces because of their sheer insanity. Two of 'em are one Frigga, one's on Atalante, one's on Stellvia, one's on the Forge and the final one's in the hands of a wealthy collector.

Not long after he bought it, Ford paid cash for a '67 GT-500 [15], which sort of hints at either the value of the weapon, or how obsessed this particular individual was at putting one over on his neighbour.

She's no Whistler for sure, but still manages to make a unique collector's-piece Cosmo Gun-series that uses a fusion torch igniter to propel a bullet, rather than gunpowder. By the tail end of '23 she's decided to make it her permanent job and business, building her own AR-clones out of carbon-fibre and offering custom work to Fenspace at large. Her work's known for being good quality and reliable - if not as close to the cutting edge as Whistler.

Motorcon 2023, arranged by Ford and some of her associates from Marsbase Sara, is held in Frigga's spacious tunnels. A bunch of carfans bring their unwaved relics out to the main belt and start taxing life-support systems at high speeds, while trading parts. Y'know, usual carfen stuff.... Inspite of the near death of her partner and a dozen other people, the event more than covered its operating costs and was widely considered a success. [16]. It came back in 2024 to the rejoice of many and proves that it doesn't matter how many people your convention nearly kills, so long as those people have a good time in the process.

Frigga joins to Crystal Millenium as a protectorate and Ford carries on as she always has with her business, registering as a lawful small-arms manufacturer. She bid for a few contracts with the militia, but they preferred to suckle from their usual teat.

Anonymous, posting on 'A Magical Place'

I know she's met Kenichi Sonoda, and I would love to have been a fly on that wall. I can imagine it now


"You bastard!"

I bought one of the original Cosmo guns, and an AR. If you want all the latest in tech and features, and guns with their own minds, by all means go to Whistler. But if you want something put together in a solid, dependable way without any real fancy tacticool stuff, give Ford a call. You might have to wait a while because it's just herself putting them together, but it's worth it. She builds good, honest guns. Good God I hope she never gets as popular as Whistler - because everybody knows what happens to things that get popular.

Ford's next close brush with death happens in January 2024, when Dragon Wagon II rams a UFO while on re-entry approach to Earth. A puckered-sphincter trajectory adjustment mid-rentry allows the battered cruiser to bounce back into open space, rather than break up in the atmosphere from the damage - But DWII is written off in the process. The insurance money is used to pay for an old Russian Ekranoplan. [17]

Ford goes home in September 2024, to meet up with a gunstore owner with a view to getting her product onto a wider and more firearm-fanatical market. [18]. Of course, the IRS has been onto her mom, never realising the Ford hasn't been actually living at home for nearly 17 years seeing as she never officially and legally left the country [19], they've sent a bill for a couple of hundred grand's worth of back taxes and fines and are threatening to place a lien on the home.

This pisses Ford off something fierce, but it seems like her mom just went to court to appeal and got it overturned a few months later in a total mundane anti-climax[20].

Ford stays on Frigga, skipping the 'holiday' trip to Arcadia to finish fulfilling her gun orders.

Not long after this, is the first recorded appearance of Elpeo Ple, and Minnie-May Hopkins. Minnie-May goes on to become Ford's assistant and apprentice [21], while Elpeo is both a crack mech-pilot and an odd research subject for VIR on AI perception.

And that brings us to today.

Rumours Surrounding Ford

The one that never seems to go away is that Ford's somebody's attempt at a Rally Vincent bioroid. On the face of it, it makes a lot of sense - even if you ignore the fact that she's got a verifiable mundane background. For one thing, she survived a hell of a lot longer in vacuum than any human being has a right to, even modded. In seventeen years, she hasn't aged one iota - not a single grey hair or crows-foot to be seen [22] She's also a far better shot with a pistol than any human being has a right to be.... really, we're talking Blow the Hammer off a pistol at a hundred yards, or use a lead slug to remove someone's trigger finger. Once is a coincidence - but consistently enough to make it a schtick?

Perhaps somebody's actually a bioroid clone or something? A neuro-transfer experiment? She couldn't have really survived having three tons of car plus lift drop on top of her, could she? Certainly, in a form that could be put back together even as well as she had been. Maybe some of the bioroid's original programming is leaking through? Or has everyone's insistence that she's Rally Vincent, or a Vincent wannabee, combined with handwavium's memetic nature started to do disturbing things to her?

Also, Is Ford actually a troubleshooter herself?

Probably not.

Signature Gear

Four wheels from Ford Automobiles, A custom Beretta M92, Leather fighting gear, shooter's goggles, wrist-com, autonavigator

Known Transports

  • Yellow Stingray Hardsuit (2015, Rarely)
  • Ford Sierra Cosworth, "Somebody" (2007-2012)[23]
  • Ford F-250 Superduty, "Dragon Wagon" (2012-current). [24]
  • Outlaw Class, "Dragon Wagon II" (2020-2024)
  • Ekranoplan, K.M. Lun (2024-current)


More mature than she looks, for a start. She's in her mid-thirties and acts it.

First and foremost, she utterly Hates owing somebody anything - like they own a piece of her or something. It really bugs her hard and makes it hard for her to accept charity. On the plus side, if you ever find her owing you a favour you know she'll pay it back. [25]

Second, she has a big thing about living her own life, her own way. An irony considering how many people mistake her as a coslifer for Rally Vincent - but you bet she was living that way long before she ever knew what Gunsmith Cats was. If anything, the fact that she stuck with it inspite of the assumptions of idiots speaks volumes. It might even be the reason why she stayed Up.

Third. She loves machinery. Guns. Cars. [26] Gunsmoke. Tyresmoke. A true hotrodder and gunbunny - I'll bet that BESM sourcebook was written specifically for her.

Fourth. She guards her reputation carefully, sticking to her word and making a point of not fucking people over - both bounties and customers, always following through on her jobs and getting the things she says she'll do done. At the same time, she knows the game and she'll play it to the best of her ability. Ford doesn't necessary play exactly to the rules, but she doesn't really fuck people over unless they're trying to do the same to her.

She has her own sense of justice that doesn't always directly line up with what the law says. Above all else, given conflict between what the law says is right, and what her conscience says - Ford'll follow her conscience. Sometimes, that means giving bounties a break and letting them go. [27]

Faction Affiliations

Known associates


Possible Motivations:

  • + Personal Freedom.
  • + Friends, ‘family’. Ford sticks by the people she cares about.
  • + Driving
  • - Self-righteous busybodies
  • - The Loan-College-Mortgage-GoodJob-Home-Retirment lifestyle
  • - People who think 'something' makes them better than her.


Ford's got her strongest positives amongst the Gearheads and on Marsbase Sara. She's fixed nearly everyone's car, mecha, motorcycle or spacecraft at one stage or another. Building the engine to a genuine Land Speed Record holder, running Motorcon and having her own small collection of unwaved classic cars has earned her a lot of respect amongst the faction. She's known amongst the Roughriders - especially on Atalante - for her skills as a mechanic and maintenance specialist. [30]

First Fen who've been rescued by her might still owe her a favour, and if she needs a little authority of ages behind her viewpoints she might decide to wear one of her old con t-shirts. A few minds exist who remember her

Ford's skill as a gunsmith is becoming known amongst those interested such things - though she's still a noob to the market. She's known as a seller of fairly-priced and reliable hardware, if not necessarily the most technologically innovative. She's supplied arms to F-SoG, FESWAT and Atalante's forces. [31]

She has an odd position amongst the cybers - being one of the early recipients of medical work - but doesn't consider herself one, or subscribe to the same technofetishism. She's been called a museum piece to her face because of it.

Being a weapon manufacturer has made her unpopular with the Love faction of the Crystal Millennium.

The Underworld are ambivalent towards her.... while she's a Bounty Hunter who's brought a few in, at the same time she's earned enough respect as a person who can defend herself, and will stick to their word if they make a deal for information. She's left alone not because of her partner - but because she can handle herself. A few may owe her a favour.... but she makes a point of never owing anyone.

Core Competencies

  • Excels at: Shooting. Driving. Mechanical engineering. Mechanics
  • Good at: Gunsmithing. Cooking. Business sense. Organisation.
  • Acceptable at: Leadership. Hand-to-Hand. Power armour. Event management. Marketing. Tactics.
  • Poor at: Acrobatics. Fashion sense.
  • Oddities: Self-taught.... Ford Dropped out of High School aged 17.

Future Outlook

Ford's HeavyArms looks set to become fairly successful if she just pushes a little harder. A few more months hard work is all it'll take to get it over the hill. She's already exporting quality AR-clone parts to the United States domestic market and the first reviews are positive enough that she's started receiving requests from one or two ground-bound gunstores for supplies. The fact that they're easily made Jersey-Legal with an off-the-shelf smartgun system Ford can supply is a bonus.

If she keeps playing her cards right and has a little luck, she'll be on easy-street soon.

While she's somewhat tied to her partner's fate - she'll do better without Jet than Jet'll do without her. If Jet's luck runs out and Ford's left behind, she'll get over it, move on and probably be the first to call her an idiot for doing whatever killed her. It may get to a point that Jet frustrates her to the point that she decides to end things between them - but they're both well aware of that and communicate enough to keep things from getting to that point. So far, Ford's a moderating influence on the cyber....

She is unlikely to ever give up bounty hunting and allow one of her closest friends to be brainwashed into an abusive relationship with a sadist lesbian with power issues. [32]


  • An inner-ear infection as a child means she's far more susceptible to disorientation and dizziness than most people.
  • Plug 'n' Play hardware, Turtle Wax or CosmoPolish and a Rotary polisher. Or a puppet body. Or both at the same time.
  • Ford hasn't based her life on Rally Vincent, so much as Rally Vincent and Ford Sierra were inspired by the same person - a Gunsmith Bounty Hunter who happened to react to the Chicago ban on handguns by hooking up with a tour operator to run shooting tours for Japanese tourists - one of whom happened to be a certain Sonoda.... the same person taught Ford to live her own life how she felt like it, regardless of what her mother thought of as 'success' or people thought were appropriate for a woman.
  • The real reason Ford hasn't heavily upgraded her cybernetics - beyond repairs - is because she doesn't really want to undergo heavy surgery again to replace it with something better. Maintenance she tolerates. But she'd be ashamed to admit that to anyone.
  • Her biomod came from a contaminated sandwich in 2009. Not even Ford knows that - only the person who contaminated the sandwich and didn't tell her.


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