Galaxy Express 999

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Spacecraft Registry
Galaxy Express 999
Galaxy Express 999.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullVictorian Railways H Class Steam Locomotive
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive Ratingdepends on number of cars and mass - anywhere from 0.1c with just the locomotive and tender to 0.02c when hauling heavy
OwnerHermes Universal Deliveries
Registry NumberHUD-H-001
PurposePassenger and cargo transport
Primary CrewMaetel (Captain)
The Conductors (quasi-AI constructs)
Operational StatusActive
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Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Symbiosis: the well-being of the captain is directly proportionate to the well-being of the ship, and vice versa.
  • Marty Who? The Express, when hauling loads that are worth over half its maximum capacity, needs to accelerate to at least 88mph.
  • Mascot Drive: The Drive has developed a fondness of eucalyptus leaves, and a deep hatred for Foster's beer. So much that bringing the latter aboard is something that's strictly forbidden.
  • Runs on alcohol.

Known Crew Quirks

  • Induce Manners: Whether it's a 'wave effect or just the sort of person she is, Maetel's presence makes people believe they are "polite society" and nudges them to act accordingly. Unless they are actively hostile or otherwise preoccupied.
  • Lookalike: Is she just constantly cosplaying, or is it something more? Nobody really knows, but she manages it so well that the fact alone would have gotten her a BNF ranking if the fact that she's the Captain of the Express hadn't.


  • After an event when the Dread Pirate Hairlock attempted to liberate the "fair Maetel" from this unseemly line of work, cargo and passenger stops at hardliner Matsumoto-jin ports are taken care of by worker-bees unless overseen by an SSX officer.
  • Featured in the Australian TV-documentary To Fen, Perchance to Dream.
  • Like all "retaining" HUD employees, the Captain and Crew are also shareholders. Or, in this case, the Captain is a shareholder.


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