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For the brave, the bold, the RPer who wants to use this thing as part of a campaign.

(Note: Stats and whatnot are - initially - GURPS 4th Edition,[1] although we're starting to get material for FATE. Your mileage may vary, please add game material for other systems if you feel like it.)

FATE Resources

Character Statistics
PC stats.

GURPS Resources

The Fenspace setting as part of GURPS Infinite Worlds.
House Rules
For tweaking standard games to handle Fenspace.
Character Statistics
Templates, PC stats and more.
Vehicle Stats
Ships from the Spacecraft Registry in game terms.
City Stats
What it says on the label.
Common everyday handwavium objects. (One of these days, somebody might even write up stats for one, and then we'll need to create that page.)

Systemless Resources

“You all meet in a dive bar on the Moon...”


  1. Because that's what people have been submitting - no system bias is intended.