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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Genaros
Genaros blueprints.jpg
Blueprint plan view of Genaros
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullModified Bernal sphere
Length1500 m (4,921 ft.)
Width500 m (1,640 ft.)
Height500 m (1,640 ft.)
Drive Ratingstationkeeping only
Primary ManufacturerGreenwood, Unltd.
OwnerSpace Development Public Corporation (SDPC)
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
Registry NumberL5-G
Other Crewapproximately 22,000 residents
Operational StatusActive
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When you get to Genaros, the first thing you notice is that it's very dim inside. Normally there's a set of windows at both ends of the colony that will provide light to the interior, but for some reason the builders tinted the windows so they only let in maybe 25% of the light normal windows let through. 'Mirrorshading,' they call it. The result is an interior that's caught in perpetual twilight, like it's always at the brink of dusk. The shortfall of light is made up by sodium vapor streetlamps and neon. Oh lord, the neon. It reminds me of what Vegas might look like if it was sucked into Hell by way of Tokyo.

The whole damn colony is like that. There isn't a strip of green anywhere in the main cylinder – you have to go to the hydroponics modules at the south pole for that. Everywhere else it's (lovingly hoarded from Earth and laid down) concrete and Rockhounds steel everywhere, trimmed with the gaudiest neon lighting this side of Shinjuku. Every now and then it rains, which is just sprinklers set into the spindle concealed by holographics, the sky 'like a television tuned to a dead channel,' just like Gibson wrote.

If I were to envision a cyberpunk theme park, I couldn't do any better than Genaros. It's dark, dingy, damp, bright, shiny, full of promise and threat. What I don't understand – what I may never understand – is how people can stand to live there all the time.

Malaclypse Fnord

The most populated station in Cislunar Space, Genaros was the first of the Cities in Space™. Its fusion Japanese-American cyberpunk culture makes it a dangerous place to visit without a native guide.

A noticeable minority of the station's population is made up of “Boomer” android AIs.


  • With a population density of 14,000 per square kilometer, Genaros is the third most densely-populated place anywhere, coming in right behind the Kingdom of Monaco and the city of Macau.
  • Genaros was one of the original five stations to provide a pilot to the L5 All-Stations astroball team in 2011. They dropped out of the team in 2012, when their pilot J.B. Fargo called Yayoi Fujisawa a “sexaroid” to her face (she slapped him, then Cal Calrissian suggested Fargo find another team).
  • A major attraction of Genaros is the Metaverse virtual reality system.