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(substantially altered from the Lepus template in GURPS Bio-Tech)

Despite the page title, this template is for both sexes.

Males: 72 points
Females: 74 points

Attribute Modifiers
DX +1 [20]; HT+1 [10]; Basic Speed +0.5 [10].
Acute Hearing +3 [6]; Acute Taste and Smell +2 [4]; Claws (blunt) [3]; Night Vision (5) [5]; Racial Skill Bonus (Jumping, +2) [4]; Striking ST (+2, kicks only) [6]; Super Jump (1) [10]; Resistant to Disease (+3) [3]; Peripheral Vision [15].
Fur [1]; Temperature Tolerance (added to “cold” end) [1]. Females add Reproductive Control [1] and Shorter Gestation [1].
Dependency (“random” food or drink item specific to individual, but note racial Addiction Quirk; very common, weekly) [-10]; Lecherousness (9) (Accessibility: only in mating season, -80%) [-4]; Susceptible (digestive toxins, -5 to HT: cannot vomit) [-5]; Unusual Biochemistry (biomodified) [-5].
Addiction (carrots, minor) [-1]; Unnatural Features (rabbit's eyes, ears, and tail) [-1].
Crepuscular (sleeps 1/3 of the time, broken up into 4 hour periods centered around noon and midnight). Females add Easy Childbirth; Estrus; Increased Fecundity.
Taboo Traits
Genetic Defects. If female, Appearance below Attractive.
Note that “base” can be either biological (a biomodded rabbit) or social (a biomodded human with a particular view about rabbits).
  • House-pet base [-10]: add Cowardice (12-) [-10]
  • Wild-rabbit base [+2]: add Innate Attack (bite: 1d cut) [7] and Ham-Fisted [-5]
  • ILR Member [-3]: add Claim to Hospitality (ILR members) [2] and Intolerance (catpeople) [-5] [1]


The material presented here is the creation of Rob Kelk with assistance from the participants of this Steve Jackson Games Forums thread, and is intended for use with the GURPS Fourth Edition system from Steve Jackson Games. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Steve Jackson Games. This material is used here in accordance with the SJ Games online policy.

  1. Since only rabbit-people can be ILR members, the "ILR Member" lens is presented as a racial template lens despite being a social package.