Gervasio Faustino de Leon

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Gervasio Faustino de Leon
NationalityColombian / Boskonian
Home townMiami, Florida, United States of America, Earth

Open character - Villain/heavy, created by Foxboy

Not counting the four people present, the warehouse was practically empty, except for the polished metal spike and the crane above it.

"Detective!" Gervasio Faustino de Leon beamed at the pudgy man in chains before him. "We do keep meeting in the strangest places, ¿no?"

"You'll never get away with this, de Leon," Detective Thomas Kane of the Miami Police Department said.

"I beg to differ, pendejo," de Leon said with a smug grin. He pointed at a glassy-eyed catgirl behind him. "Thanks to CSI Tech Mendoza here, I now have a lead on getting my boat back. From there, I can be in 'international waters' any time I like. Completely out of reach of your pathetic police forces."

"You'll slip up," Kane replied evenly. "'Criminal Masterminds' like you always do."

"I might, Detective." De Leon reached into Kane's shirt pocket and pulled out a pair of RayBans while a hired thug attached Kane's chains to the crane's hook. "But not where you can see it."

The thug turned to the crane's controls and positioned the struggling detective over the spike.

"No, Detective," de Leon continued. "You are going to let me make ..." The drug lord paused dramatically while sliding the stolen RayBans on. "... A point."

Explosive bolts in the crane's hook detonated and Detective Kane's final scream rent the Miami air.

Think Tony Montana from Scarface and half the drug lords on CSI: Miami. Besides the already well-documented Zwilnick propensities, he wants his boat back.

de Leon is known to be an acquaintance of Dr. Asmodeus Grey. While some analysts believe he has ties to La Mariposa and Naoko Sato, others believe it is unlikely that he would be willing to work with or for a woman.


Entries pulled from the Timeline page:

  • February 14, 2008: Senior Detective Robert "Horatio" Kane of the Miami-Dade PD's CSI team tracks down Colombian drug mogul Gervasio Faustino de Leon to his yacht, the Pinnafarina, in drydock. Exciting gun battles take place within, and the druglord's Ferrari crashes through the vehicle bay doors, leading to a car chase, exploding Italian coachwork near the airport, and Major Arrest #65 or so for Kane.
  • June 1, 2008: de Leon's trial is over, and the Pinnafarina goes to auction. Winning bid registered to Joseph Corcoran of Londonderry, NH.

Mundane abilities

  • First you get the money ... Has a lot of money
  • ... Then you get the power ... Colombian drug lord
  • ... Then you get the women Charismatic bad boy. Hey, rich, attractive, why wouldn't he be a ladies' man?


None. His personal "creativity" doesn't mesh well with 'wavium. In fact, "raw" Handwavium is actively repulsed by him.[1]


de Leon has played a major role (as antagonist) in the following stories:

  • The Fall of Crystal Osaka


  1. Conspiracy theorists who are aware of this have speculated on the reason for it, each theory wilder than the last.