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Acceleration Drive
A drive based on the concept of maximum acceleration, not speed. Fairly rare among the Fen. All Hard Tech spacecraft drives are acceleration drives by necessity.
Extremely beneficial biomod, with no or relatively few negatives. Term originated with the Supers faction.
Action Girls
Syn., Senshi. Used by Crystal Millennium faction members who aren't anime fen.
1. The act of kicking someone out the door with or without the benefit of a spacesuit, depending on how generous you feel. Considered Impolite.
2. The act of throwing someone out of a business establishment or home, with the implication that they aren't allowed back in.
(Also True AI or Thinking AI (TAI).) A computer or software system that is sophont -- that is, a system that has reproduced human, or humanish intelligence. An AI's thought processes are not necessarily sane or understandable to most humans (see Dee for an example). Androids, gynoids, robots, brain tapes, pure software systems, various ships and other equipment have all been considered AIs. Whether or not AIs are people is matter of some debate among certain groups of Fen (see Colonials, Warsies). An AI may or may not be deliberately created; in fact, many of the first AIs awoke spontaneously.
1. Air Traffic Control, those entities responsible for ensuring the fenships and craft don't collide messily with each other or with the station, settlement or facility they are flying around. One of the constant rules throughout Fenspace is that you do not mess around with ATC. Ships and pilots have a distressing tendency to be refused docking at just about every Fen enclave if they do. Pedants may see also STC.
2. Aerospace Traffic Control, meaning the same as definition 1 but without the arguments that some of the pedants love so much.
(Astronomical Unit) A unit of measure equal to the mean distance between Earth and Sol over one of Earth's orbits, roughly 149,597,871 km (92,955,807 miles). Also abbreviated as AU, au, a.u. or ua (to avoid conflict with au meaning atomic unit).
The event, and the process where an AI becomes aware for the first time. Also known as sparking, or having sparked. Any piece or pieces of equipment that are or have an AI are said to be awake.


Derogatory term for someone who can't or won't consider the implications of a strongly-held position. From Douglas Adams' The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, spotted in Earthside academic usage before the discovery of handwavium.
Banzai Institute for Biomedical Research and Strategic Information
A non-profit organization that handles business concerns for the Blue Blazer Irregulars in the 'Danelaw.
Another name for the Whedonite SMOFs, either real or in their own minds. Short for "Big Damn Heroes."
Base Delta Zero. See Also: General Order 24, Glassing, The Only way to be Sure, Exterminatus. Otherwise known as destroying a planet, settlement or whatever by orbital bombardment. Originally used humourosly when faced with an unpleasant situation. Now used carefully incase the wrong ears mistake it for an actual threat. [1]
Asteroid miners, primarily in the Main Belt. Named for the class of characters in Larry Niven's works. Sometimes applied to any fan of Larry Niven's works. (Syn.: Nivenite, Rockrat)
(short for Biomodification)
1. n. The biological modification in anyone who has ingested enough handwavium to trigger a one-time mutagenic reaction. Quite indeterminant in outcome but not typically fatal or crippling.
2. n. The result of any such mutagenic reaction.
3. v.t. To cause a mutagenic change in a living creature using handwavium.
(Short for Biologicial Fusion)
What happens when handwavium causes a biologicial system to fuse or otherwise combine with an inanimate one in some way. Almost always a Biomod. Not necessarily a Cyber, however. It may just be superficial.
Black Country
Areas of the Solar System inside The Limit but not near any planet, asteroid, or station; essentially, any place off the system's invariable plane. Deserted and uninhabited, only traversed by astronomers, people making interstellar trips, and Mads looking for an out-of-the-way place to experiment in.
Black Hats
Heinleinian faction term for Boskonian/Reaver types.
Slang term for "random acts of kindness and/or good deeds" amongst the current crop of teens and tweens. Many people are shocked at the accompanying massive increase in random acts of kindness from said age group; Buckaroo refuses to comment, only smiling like some sort of well-fed Buddha.
Blue Blazer Irregulars
Followers of the teachings of Buckaroo Banzai, as set down by Earl Mac Rauch in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai: Across the Eighth Dimension and by W.D. Richter in the movie of the same name.
Blue Hair Day
When one subconsciously allows the laws of drama to seem to replace those of logic (and often physics) in one's actions in the vicinity of handwavium and its products, one is said to be "having a Blue Hair Day".
Big Name Fan. A fan who, as a result of his hard work and obsession, has developed his own fandom. In Fenspace, much the same, although Fenspace BNFs tend to have influence on matters of import and policy.
1. Another term for a Cyber, especially one with obvious mods or who espouses Trekkie Ideals
2. The United Federation of Planets, The Crystal Millennium, Stellvia Corporation, Diageo, Amazon, General Motors, Microsoft, Rockhounds, China, the United States - a term applied to any large conglomerate organisation or nation that seems especially interested in assimilating a small independent faction/settlement/business/distiller/manufacturer/developer/mine/nation the speaker has taken a liking to, regardless of how justified the appellation is.
Pirates who don't display the general ethics expected of Fen. See also Black Hats, Pirates, Reavers. Term originated with Doc Smith/Lensman fandom.
Bowl, The
(Also called Bowl Lake and The Grover's Corners Memorial Strip Mine.) The 0.7-mile-wide hemispherical hole left behind in West Virginia by the launch of the SV Grover's Corners. Although officially classified by the United States government as a contaminated and possibly toxic site due to the presence of handwavium, The Bowl quickly became a tourist attraction, and several "expeditions" were made to its bottom before the rising water level within made it impractical.
Brachistochrone Transfer
A minimum transit time, maximum delta-V transfer or orbit. Generally the fastest path from point A to point B if your ship has big enough engines. See also Hohmann Transfer
Notional source of thionite, the exact nature and origin of which is not yet completely determined, although authorities are confident it comes from Venus. (During Operation Great Justice, it was discovered that "broadleaf" was not a plant, per se, but actually a collection of certain strains of Venusian terraforming bacteria.) Term originated with Doc Smith/Lensman fandom.
Derogatory term used by other factions for male members of the Crystal Millennium who cross-dress as (female) Senshi. The stereotypical Bubba is 6 feet and 300 pounds of hairy male in an abbreviated seifuku. Allegedly originated from "Sailor Bubba", a possibly apocryphal individual fitting that description frequently seen at East Coast SF/F conventions before the advent of Handwavium.
To travel past the Limit in search of extraterrestrial life. (see bughunter)
A fan who's taken up searching interstellar space for life as a vocation. Very rare.


Cochrane Limit
The distance from a star, or other massive object where FTL travel becomes possible. For Sol the radius is about 40AU. More commonly called the C Limit, or just the Limit.
Faction who are fans of Battlestar Galactica (both new and old).
The closest thing to a government possessed by the Fen. An annual gathering descended directly from WorldCon is held to modify, ratify and reassert what little law exists off-Earth. Furthermore, Conventions can be called by anyone in times of emergency.
Crystal Millennium
Formal name for the Senshi faction.
Folks who use 'wavium for prosthetics/kludged cybernetics. Poorly designed 'wavetech cybernetics turn into biomods.


Syn., Filkers.
See Mundane.
1. (n) Government official of an Earthside or non-fannish nation.
2. (adj) Behaving in an authoritative and non-fun manner; ex.: "Quit being all 'danecrat, you're harshing my mellow." (syn. 'Danemagogue.)
See Paying 'Danegeld.
Short for "Mundane Law." Refers to regions subject to the laws of terrestrial governments. Usually means the Earth and all regions within the bounds of the Van Allen radiation belts, although there are enclaves on either side. It is not by coincidence that it mirrors the name for the northern, central, and eastern region of Anglo-Saxon England colonized by invading Danish armies in the late 9th century.
Synonym for 'Danecrat, definition 2.
Dark Kingdom
Senshi term for Boskonians.
Death Eaters
Wizarding World name for Boskonians.
Death Star, The
Warsie nickname for the SV Grover's Corners. Never used within earshot of its crew after the unfortunate Tennis Ball Incident.
Beneficial biomod, but not as powerful as an Ace mod, or else with one or more negative points to it. Term originated with the Supers faction.
Trekkie nickname for Solid Handwavium
Discordia Accords
see Principia Universalis.
Divot, The
Fen name for the hole in the ground where the Island used to be. It seems to annoy the 'danes for some reason.
Divot Event
Nickname for raising Unreal Estate (q.v.), named after the hole it leaves in the ground.
Derogatory term for those 'Danes who are aggressively mundane and reject/attack anything -- social or political, hardtech or wavetech -- that does not fit into their narrow (and often reactionary) definition of "normal". Term originated within the Wizards faction.


Earthbound Faction
Any group of Fen who for reasons of ideology or fandom do not head to Fenspace but instead organize and operate sub rosa on (or beneath) the surface of the Earth. Most Earthbound Fen make use of Handwavium (sometimes in defiance of the law of their native nation), but at least one, the Quatermass Institute, rejects its use entirely.


(Also Fraction.) Any of the various organized fandoms that made it into space and operate as a semi-coherent group, usually possessing sufficient influence to have attention paid to their views and needs by the Fenspace Convention.
Notional plural of "fan", formed by analogy to "man/men". Standard usage within science fiction fandom for more than half a century. Since the early 2000s it also refers to the off-Earth culture that makes extensive use of handwavium.
1. (normal) Someone not a Fan, not a Mundane but somewhere in between the two. Most fendanes are individuals with an interest in Fandom but no access to handwavium or Fenspace.
2. (derogatory) Term used to describe a Fan whose loyalties remain with 'Danelaw powers.
Any truly outrageous story told by fen about other fen. Fenspace's equivalent to a sailor's "Sea Story".
Children of fen, or children who are fen, who have made it to Fenspace. Anyone above the atmosphere and under 18. Contrast Groundbounder.
Virtually everything between the top of Earth's atmosphere and the Cochrane Limit. Known space. Home to the Fen.
1. Wandering troubadours or other musical performers.
2. Members of the Musician's Aid Society.
Term for faction based around Babylon 5 fandom.
1. (obsolete?) Variant Fen spelling convention for Faction, per "filk" and other Fen terms originating in typographic errors.
2. A group of Fen that think of themselves as a faction, but lack the necessary influence to be one.
Derogatory term for Cybers, believed to have originated with the Supers faction.


Galactic Republic
Formal name for the Warsies faction.
Syn., Colonial
General "Ain't-it-cool" Mecha fans. As a whole, undifferentiated giant robot fans. Inclusive term.
As opposed to the specialist, single-fandom type, these are the jacks-of-all-trades of fandom. They do have favorites, sometimes a lot of them. They're just not as into any single one as a specialist fan might be, sacrificing depth for a wider range of scope.
Goldilocks Zone
Also called the Liquid Water Zone, the volume around a star where water can exist narurally as a liquid. In other words, not too hot, not too cold, but just right for life as we know it.
Colloquial for a Fenspace vessel intended primarily for passenger runs along scenic routes, like the Cloud Seas of Venus or Saturn's Rings, to name a couple.
General description for the sort of easy-going, likable Fen who are naturals at playing tour guides around the Solar System. Those with the best reputation and presence are known as Undines (especially on Mars).
Great Justice
Fenspace's cross-fandom military force, created at SOS-Con in May 2012.
Grey Goo
Industrial nanomachines. Any nanomachines used for manufacture, building, or otherwise constructive activities. There are other kinds of goo, also named by colour:
* Blue goo: police nanomachines that keep other nanomachines in line. Also applied to medical nanites which help keep biological systems (people) in good health and repair.
* Black goo: weaponized nanomachines.
* Golden Goo: nanomachines used to filter specific substances out of common materials. The name comes from a theoretical plan to use nanomachines to filter gold from seawater.
* Green Goo: 1. Biological nanomachines (not microscopic robots, but engineered viruses) 2. Another term for Guacamole.
* Khaki Goo: specifically military (as opposed to simply weaponized) nanomachines.
* Paisley Goo[2], Plaid Goo: Alternate terms for handwavium.
Grey Goo Disaster
The ISO standard nightmare about nanotechnology. Essentially a kind of sorcerer's apprentice mode failure where industrial nanomachines escape control and convert the entire world into more of themselves, a big blob of grey goo. One of the reasons handwavium is illegal in parts of the 'Danelaw is fear of this sort of disaster.
Teenaged rebellion, fen-style. Rejection of the Fenspace lifestyle in favor of a desire to live on Earth.
Semi-solid, semi-organic strain of handwavium accidentally formed by seeding a bowl of dip at a convention. The primary known agent for biomodding. Also called green goo.


Hacker Underspace
A very-loosely-knit group of Fen computer professionals and dedicated hobbyists who use their “l33t sk1lls” only for good.
Ironic term for someone who sings in a spacesuit or spacecraft. Usually when their radio is stuck on vox, allowing everyone nearby to hear their unique interpretations of Banned From Stellvia without possibility of objection.
Application of handwavium by way of a power washer, spray hose or other pressurized delivery system. Frequently suggested as a method for the "drive-by handwaving" of objects and craft to which the perpetrators would not otherwise have easy access. The actual viability of this tactic has not yet been tested, and such testing is strongly discouraged by most factions and all safety experts.
What lets everything interesting happen. A strange substance of indeterminate origin that when mixed with mundane technology can give it strange and useful properties. See also 'Wavetech.
Handwavium, Weapons-grade
(Also Handwavium, Military-grade.) Presumably mythical strain of handwavium whose products are not subject to the Slapstick Effect.
Hard Tech
Techonology that does not require Handwavium to work. Also called Solid State Tech. What the 'Danes insist on using.
Faction based around the works of Robert A. Heinlein.
Synonym for 'Danecrat used by the Trekkie faction.
Hidden Asteroid, Village of
See Village Hidden in the Asteroids.
Hohmann Transfer
A minimum energy orbit or transfer between two places in space. Following them tends to take a long time to get anywhere. NASA's probes tend to use them because of the difficulty they had in getting a powerful (heavy) engine and reaction mass up into space.
(also Mnemnosyne's Honey.) Name given to a "memory" strain of handwavium created by the Jason. Takes its name from its appearance, that of a thin, dark honey. Used in enhancing/creating data storage devices. What effect it might have on biological memory has yet to be fully explored.


Independent Faction
Formal name for the Whedonite faction, rarely used outside the faction.
Interstellar Alliance
Formal name for the Fivers faction.
Island, The
Flying shopping mall, hotel, supply and refueling point, located between Earth and Mars.
The fennish Internet. A vast collection of servers, routers and communications gear located throughout Fenspace. The Interwave started out following the original Internet RFCs, and is still cross-compatible with the 'Dane 'net. However, handwavium quirks, speed of light transmission across vast distances and the rising number of AIs have forced a number of pragmatic adaptations and Interwave-only RFCs.


Jerry's Kids
Mocking name for fans of Jerry Pournelle's works.
Non-beneficial biomod. Could be disfiguring, at least compared to human norm, or it causes other harmful effects. Term originated with the Supers faction.
Disfiguring biomod with beneficial effects (e.g., the "troll" -- super-strength coupled with ugliness). Term originated with the Supers faction.
Alternate term for the Whedonite faction.


Explosive of uncertain and unstable composition invented/produced by the android Kohran Li. Believed by some to be proof of the existence of Weapons-grade Handwavium. Outlawed after the Boskone War.
(trans. "Black Shadow") The leader of the Village Hidden in Asteroids. As of 2012, the Shodaime Karasukage was Ivan "Maitovich" Solkin.
Kuni no Karasu
(trans. "Black Country") Hidden Asteroid nomenclature for parts of the Solar System distant from the actual planets.
Kusanagi Effect, The
The peculiar tendency of high-proportion and full-conversion Cybers to tend towards obviously female-style bodies, or towards more risque forms of dress. Cyberpsychologists have put forward a number of theories explaining it ranging from a desire to feel more human through the reactions of others, an inbuilt transformation ideal or a contagious meme factor given the popular source inspiration for the faction. The trigger factors are still being studied, but some have suggested that a weakened sense of self or a fear of humanity loss may be one of the precursor conditions.
Hard men who seem to relish making hard decisions, going out of their way to create them. To the detriment and annoyance of everyone else. Something of the dark side of Military fen.


Land Theft
Increasingly common term in the 'Danelaw for Unreal Estate, based on the argument that while land can be owned by individuals, removing it from the Earth is effectively stealing it from future generations -- and (more importantly, at least to governments) eternally depriving whatever jurisdiction it came from of any future tax revenue on it. Legal experts have generally agreed that this argument is specious and unlikely to stand up to a serious judicial challenge, but that did not prevent the United States from passing the Federal Land Theft Prevention Act of 2012.
Pulper sub-faction based around E.E. "Doc" Smith fandom.
Joker Biomod noted amongst the Supers. Characterised by an extreme distortion of proportions, both male and female. Females often gain the ability to adopt anatomically impossible positions and extreme contortionist abilities. Males often become extremely overmuscled. Can often come with a number of secondary health effects. And a love of pouches.
Limit, The
See Cochrane Limit.
Limit Break
Going FTL inside the Cochrane Limit. Considered the holy grail of engine research in Fenspace.
Lollipop Guild
(informal, SMOF jargon) Name of the group of Australian fen/fendanes who act on Fenspace's behalf within the mundane Australian government. Rumored to have some very impressive blackmail material.


Fenspace's usual abbreviation for "Mad Scientist", inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000.
A Big-Name Fan. Especially one who seems to remain inexplicably popular, despite - on mature recollection - actually being a bit of an ass. And yet, inexplicably, people follow them, cover for them, and otherwise just sort of excuse the bad because... nobody can say. One wonders if there isn't some form of wave effect, in effect, concentrating people around the drama generators to spread the wave.
Not fen. Person or persons uninterested in science fiction, fantasy, anime, space travel or anything else much beyond working a 9-to-5 job and amassing money, status and power. Among fen it carries connotations of being hidebound and reactionary, willfully dull and unimaginative, and possessing a determination to make sure everyone else is that way, too, except when doing so interferes with making money and/or amassing power.
Somewhere between full out wavetech and hardtech, generally on the order of using handwavium for enhancements in capabilities of something that should work anyway. Tends to be looked down on in principle by people of both camps as it requires far more work than either other way.
Murphy Effect, The
A somewhat distaff counterpart to The Kusanagi Effect. A tendancy for some of those choosing masculine body style to chose something with a more intimidating or 'well built' style. The psychological personality precursors are better understood that he Kusanagi Effect - it appears that most 'Murphys' will on some level feel unsafe prior to cyberisation - and many have been the victim of an unfortunate accident or violence at some point in their lives. Often, right before the incident that required cyberisation.


Wizarding name for unexpected-asteroid-in-an-inconvenient-place, since fallen into common usage.
Fan of any martial-arts anime, especially Naruto.
Second-most profitable venture of the Village Hidden in Asteroids, and one of the few subculture references physically implemented in Fenspace that is properly licensed with its owners in the 'Danelaw.


Operation Great Justice
1. Alternate name for the Boskone War.
2. (Obsolete) Fenspace's cross-fandom military force, created at SOS-Con in May 2012.
Overfan, the
Hypothetical inventor/distributor of Handwavium. A mythical figure to whom all manner of powers and intentions are attributed. Speculation as to the Overfan's identity runs rampant, with the Professor most frequently named -- he could have created the stuff and then completely forgotten having done so.


Paying 'Danegeld
1. (v) Submitting to taxation and/or regulation by a 'Danelaw entity.
2. (v) To openly espouse loyalty to an Earthside/Mundane government.
Fen faction who play at being mean, nasty space pirates, but who are actually quite nice, honorable folks. They get very upset when people call Boskonians "pirates".
Pirates' Code
The informal standards of the Space Pirate fraction. Broadly: be one of the "white hats," stay true to yourself and defend your ideals, live free or die trying.
Syn., Wizards
Pratchett's Law
"Million to one chances happen nine times out of ten." One of the leading explanations for the large amount of unique and useful handwavium effects and the difficulty of reproducing them.
Prime Time Directive
"Put Things Back Where You Found Them."
Principia Universalis
In the same way that anyone can claim to be Discordian (hardliners disagree, and are summarily ignored), everyFan can claim the Principia Universalis and the Discordia Accords if they run across a situation they need some legalese or religious wiggle room to get out of. Within reason, of course (blatantly amoral acts, like, say ... holding the world for ransom with a kinetic weapon don't fall under the Accords, and neither does slave-trade, Reaver-ism, and so on). If the situation can't be resolved by the Accords' invoker, a friendly branch of Her Church is willing to send negotiators to aid those in need by ways of debate and legalese-nonsense-induced confusion. It's not just a faux-belief. It's a state of being ^_^.
PS 238
(Also Sky High.) Grover's Corners Elementary and/or High School. (Not yet in existence as of the SOS-Con.)
Faction based around Golden Age (and Golden Age-style) SF. Technically, the Lensmen and Blue Blazers are Pulpers, but the Lensmen hold themselves mostly separate and the Blazers are considered to be unique by many Fen. Overlaps a bit with other factions/fandoms, including Warsies and Fivers.


Quatermass Institute
Legendarily paranoid earthbound faction just waiting for the Bug-Eyed Monsters to appear and start leveling our cities and stealing our women.


Militant sub-faction of the Fivers, formed in response to the call-to-arms issued by Operation Great Justice.
Reaction Mass
Syn. Remass. Stuff you throw out the back of your engine to make you go forward, via Newton's 3rd law. Not necessarily the same thing as fuel, as you don't have to burn your remass, just throw it way from you with some force. Just about anything can be used as remass, from water to waste to chunks of the ship. Fen tend to use the cheapest most available materials for remass, when they need it, for obvious reasons.
Synonym for Boskonians, originating with the Whedonite faction.
An employee of the Rockhounds asteroid-mining company.
Russel's Tea Party
1. Euphemism for being Airlocked in the first sense. To receive an Invitation to Russel's Tea Party
2. Impolite nickname for in Interplanetary Congregation of Faith's annual meeting.


(n., from obscure) A fan who follows a particularly obscure fandom.[3]
The Sailor Moon (and other Magical Girl/Action Girl) fandom. The cadre of the Venus Terraforming Project, their population is centered at Castle Magellan.
Fiver term for Boskonians.
Warsie term for Boskonians (especially, but not exclusively, Boskonian Warsies).
Sky High
See PS 238.
"Secret Master(s) of Fandom". Faction leaders, either formal or informal.
Also sometimes referred to as Solid State Handwavium (not to be confused with Solid State Tech). There is speculation that this is simply an odd strain of handwavium that crystallized. Exhibits many of the behaviors of its non-solid 'cousin', as well as individual peculiarities such as, for example, having a power output. Solid State Handwavium can be dissolved in distilled water to produce "normal" goo-form handwavium. Rumors persist that Stellvia Corporation can reverse the process, creating Solids from "normal" goo.
The emergency con called in 2012 by the SOS-dan.
Space Patrol
Fenspace's cross-fandom police force, created in June 2013.
Space Rock
A space station or other craft built from a hollowed-out asteroid. Frequent final product of asteroid mining schemes. In the proper orbit with a bit of renovation, often worth a good fraction of the value of the mined metals. Brokerage of said metals, and the Space Rocks, is the primary business of Rockhounds, Inc.
Speed Drive
A ship's drive that works based the concept of absolute speed. Most ships in SF and space opera on TV and in movies -- not to mention Fenspace -- use speed drives.
Space Traffic Control, a technically-more-accurate name for Air Traffic Control at those locations without air.
Syn., Fendane. Punnishly coined based on the reasoning that the Swedish are between the 'Danish and Fennish.


Subfaction of the Fivers, who take their inspiration from their namesake.
Tennis Ball Incident
We do not speak of the Tennis Ball Incident. See Death Star.
A drug derived from a Venusian source notionally termed broadleaf (actually several varieties of Venusian terraforming bacteria) and including microscopic quantities of handwavium (not enough for a biomod effect without lethal doses). Rare and extraordinarily expensive due to the risks inherent in harvesting on Venus. Like its namesake, it is overwhelmingly addictive and destructive. Term originated with Doc Smith/Lensman fandom.
The fervent Doctor Who fen.
Transparent Carbon
Term invented by a Trekkie engineer who built a series of 'wavetech enhanced diamond deposition machines for the Venus Terraforming Project. Transparent carbon officially refers to large sheets and rods of artificial diamond used for construction purposes, but some ignore this distinction and use it to refer to all diamond. One of the Senshi's favorite building materials. When the Senshi talk about Crystal Cities, they mean crystal cities. The name was really just a play on "transparent aluminum" (from Star Trek IV), but common fen legend claims the name was chosen to prevent a certain powerful company on Earth from realizing what was being built until full scale production was in progress. Also known as "Venusian diamond" in places that do a large amount of business with the 'Danes.
Faction based around Star Trek fandom.
Alternate name for Trekkies. Usually used by factional leaders or BNFs who take themselves way too seriously than is healthy.
True Neutrals
People not tied to any one particular fandom, at all. They honestly don't have any favorites, but just enjoy it all.
The Transrationality Scientific Analysis Bureau. The American government agency responsible for handwavium studies.


See Gondolier.
Universal Adapter
Handwaved roll of duct tape. 'Nuff said.
Unreal Estate
Fen term for stations (and ships) like the Island and Grover's Corners -- chunks of land that were boosted into space, and are still recognizable as Earth soil. See also Land Theft.
In space - to stay, not to visit.


Venusian Diamond
See Transparent Carbon.
Village Hidden in the Asteroids
(also Hidden Asteroid, Village of).
1. The faction Village Hidden in Asteroids, also known as the Ninja. Hardcore Naruto and other martial-arts anime Fen, offering ninja services and fast food throughout Fenspace (although mostly in the Belt).
2. Home of the same faction. Exact location unknown.[4]


Faction based around Star Wars fandom.
Technology made with, or improved by, the application of handwavium. It works, but is notoriously quirky. Used mostly by people who don't mind if their toaster starts conspiring with their microwave to get them to eat better.
Watch, The
Organized Discworld fen.
Well, The
Technically refers to the gravity well around any massive object, but can also mean the object causing that well. When used without any qualifiers, it typically refers to Earth (unless one is piloting and the nearest gravity well is currently affecting one's flight plans).
Faction based around fandom of Joss Whedon's Firefly/Serenity.
Alternate name for Timelords.
Harry Potter faction, possessing a disproportionately large number of fenkinder.


Xena The Warrior Princess fandom, a distinct subfaction of the Senshi.


"You Ain't Gonna Need it". Stolen from software development, but advice given to many coming Up, especially in the early days. Space might be big, but living Space isn't. If you don't need it, you don't need to bring it.


Dealers in narcotics, particularly thionite. Term originated with Doc Smith/Lensman fandom.


  1. The Bombing begins in Five minutes
  2. It just says NO
  3. In Fenspace, the SOS-dan are believed to be scures.
  4. Anyone with recent astrogation charts knows full well that the Village Hidden in the Asteroids is on asteroid 498 Tokio, but saying so would spoil the meme. And the fun.