Hannan Wu

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Hannan Wu
NationalityFenspace Convention (but is willing to work with Boskonians)
Weight110 lbs.

Open character, created by Murmur the Fallen


5'2", hundred and ten or so, black hair, brown eyes.

Mundane Attributes

  • Living on the edge: Is not truly a part of Fen culture. She most enjoys Love and Rockets, Googie architecture, the works of Cordwainer Smith, and New German Cinema, but never actually talks about them.
  • Boom-Boom-Boom: Is a premiere weaponeer, coming up with hardtech weapons from many different sources, mostly hardtech, but also 'wavium tech.
  • With friends like these: Known to make deals with anyone that wants a weapon design, from zwilnicks to `danestates, but always keeps her side of the deal.

Handwavium Ability

  • Dental Hygiene: No longer needs to brush or floss and mouth always smells minty fresh. White, straight, and heals.


  • Out-there: Seems spacey and even out to lunch, but really is just disinterested and disengaged but too polite to leave.
  • Like a Mouse: Doesn't talk about herself much and always speaks in low, calm, even, polite tones.
  • You like me, you really like me: Respected by the engineers and scientists of the `fen community, and is close to Gwen Lee. Has been mentioned with approval by Kohran Li.
  • Sanguine: Utterly disinterested in the consequences of her weapons, or even of general weapons proliferation, whether it be a decrease in crime or an increase in genocide. Characterized by the sign outside her front door, "I Am Become Death, And I Don't Care."