Hard Thunder

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Spacecraft Registry
SC Hard Thunder
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull2006 Nissan Navara
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerA.C. Peters
Flag of RecordCommonwealth of Australia
FactionCybers, Supers
Registry NumberACP-001
LaunchedJanuary 2008
PurposePersonal transport
Primary CrewA.C. Peters (Owner/Pilot)
Kasumi (Co-Pilot)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (Co-Pilot)
Greenpeace Crolis (Co-Pilot)
Operational StatusActive
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Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Keeps going and going: Has extraordinary fuel economy, about 200 A.U. per gallon. This however drops to worse than a regular waved car if an Energiser battery is aboard. An Energiser Bunny will prevent it starting until removed and pelted with jellybeans to the chant of ‘Oni out, Luck in!’ at least seven times.
  • How did I miss that?: Even though its coloured silver, people seem to miss seeing it until its fairly close.
  • Cylons on our tail!: The built in GPS has manifested modes similar to BSG scanners and targeting computers.


  • The rear of the Pickup has been modified as a small bedroom and kitchen.


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