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Spacecraft Registry
SCSC Haruka
Fisker Karma.jpg
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull2010 Karma
Drive Type'waved 2.0 litre Turbocharged Ecotec VVT DI LNF
2× 'waved Electric Motors (201BHP equivalent each)
Drive Ratingcruising speed 0.1c (but see Quirk Electro-nitro... ON!)
Primary ManufacturerFisker
OwnerLeda Swansen
Flag of RecordStellvia
FactionStellvian and Senshi
Registry NumberL5-A-007
PurposePersonal transportation
Primary CrewLeda Swansen (driver)
Other CrewHaruka (ship's AI)
Operational StatusActive
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Leda Swansen's personal car, a graduation gift from her family.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I Can't Drive 55: Does not drive slow.
  • Electro-nitro... ON! Has an "afterburner" mode that allows for travel at 0.19c in short bursts. Kohran Li estimates that it'll take only thirty minutes of cumulative use before a full frame replacement is necessary.
  • All I need is sunshine and my owner's touch: The electric motors can use power from solar influx with no degradation in top speed, or from Leda's biomod in an emergency.


The car's AI, Haruka, knows that she isn't the "real" Ten'oh Haruka, but that's the personality and vidcom appearance she's taken.