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This page is written or contains material written in the metafictional (or OOC) voice. This material may contain spoilers, Easter Eggs, or other data not generally known in the world of Fenspace. The reader is duly warned. -The Mgt.

Help About Writing Here

If you want to write Fenspace stories or articles, read the Quick Start Guide and all the pages linked from it - that will give you a good idea for the feel of the setting. After that, write... and post your first story to the Fenspace forum (membership required) for pre-readers' comments.

It's important to remember that Fenspace is a collective work - one person's ideas might form the basis of an excellent story on their own, but those same ideas might not fit into the Fenspace that has developed over the years. Nobody gets to smother someone else's creativity without a good reason, but "using your creativity that way would smother someone else's creativity" is a good reason. We prefer people ask for feedback at an early stage of the creative process.

If you think the FenWiki article you just wrote needs more work, tag it with [[Category: Pages in need of cleanup]] - somebody (probably Rob, maybe Mal, Bob, or another Fenspace Collective member) will take a look at the page and help you out. Eventually. (You can also use this tag to request formatting cleanup, adding of category tags, or adding links to a page.)

Technical Help

If you're looking for technical help on using the wiki, see the MediaWiki Help pages.

For assistance in MediaWiki markup language or editing hints, the best place to look is Wikipedia's edit help page, since it's the most complete resource out there. Important Note: Not all the Wikipedia-special markups are used on FenWiki, though a bunch are.

If you want a FenWiki account, ask on the Fenspace forum. If you're a contributing member of the Fenspace Collective, you'll probably get one.

If you want to create a new page, type the page's title into the Search box and click on Go. If a FenWiki page with content comes up, select a different title. If the Search Results page comes up, click on the link "You can create this page", and the FenWiki will give you a new-page edit window.

Other Questions

If your question isn't answered here, please ask it in this Fenspace forum thread.