Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd.

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This article is about the corporation. For the Main Belt space station, see Hephaestus

Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd.
Hephaestus crew patch.png
Hephaestus Station crew patch and company logo
FoundedAugust 2009
Founder(s)Wire Geek
Number of locations1 asteroid (2012)
Area servedSolar System
Key peopleWire Geek (President)

The Other Asteroid Mining Guys

"So lemme get this straight - there's already an outfit up there mining asteroids, and doing pretty good, and you want to what?"

"Sparky.. I wanna BUILD SHIT. Rockhounds is a bunch of cool cats, man, but they turn out spaceships made out of asteroids.. BORING! We're gonna eat asteroids-"

From the kitchen "AND SHIT GIRDERS!"

"Exactly! Raven, while you're in there, can you grab a pack of smokes from the freezer?"

And thus, Hephaestus was born. We mine asteroids and produce structural metals of all shapes and sizes, raw stock, tooling, custom work, and anything to-order, the weirder the better.


Founded: August 2009 saw the fevered up-all-night Mt. Dew session that gave rise to the concept that was Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd.. Paperwork followed swiftly after.

Founding Members


  • Wiregeek, the paper owner of Hephaestus, had a nervous breakdown the day after the Mt. Dew Discussion, but went ahead with the paperwork anyway.
  • Sparky started his career on Hephaestus as a 'process manager', but is now considered the second most important part of the outfit - after Hermes
  • 'Doc' Raven hates Bubblegum Crisis - Raven is her real name. She signed on as 'morale officer, chief cook and bottle washer', but spends most of her time now coordinating Hephaestus' branding and advertising.
  • The company built most structural parts of Arisia Station during the Boskone War, and Jenga (Catgirl Industries Homebase) during 2015 to 2020