Hotaru Minaguchi

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Hotaru Minaguchi
BornJennifer Lima
April 21, 1990(1990-04-21)
Residence SS Destiny Nova
NationalityCrystal Millennium
EthnicityJapanese (apparent)
Years active2013-
EmployerPanzer Kunst Gruppe
Home townCrystal Hiroshima
Service/branchSailor Armed Militia
Years of service2013-
RankMoon Senshi

Open Character, created by Dartz

Jennifer Lima's career in the Sailor Armed Militia began with a good omen. Seeking to make a clean break from her 'daneside life, when she signed up and took citizenship she requested a new name, receiving the automatically generated Hotaru Minaguchi.

First assigned as a trainee on the Polychrest, she distinguished herself as a gunner, making Senshi within a couple of months. Towards the end of the war, the Panzer Kunst Gruppe were searching for a crew for the captured Destiny Nova. On advice, they put in a request to the Militia who tendered the winning bid and received the contract. Hotaru was recommended personally by the Captain of the Polychrest. After the assault on Boskone Prime, Hotaru and the crew of the Nova were placed on a rolling annual contract.

During a raid on 2462 Nehalennia Hotaru received a critical head injury after the Nova was struck by a missile, which would likely have been fatal but for an emergency biomod. When she came to in her cabin, she was startled to find her uniform and bedding covered in a sticky tang-like goo. The second thing she noticed was that the Nova now seemed twice as large as it had been a day earlier.

Her biomod granted her the ability to heal almost any injury short of decapitation, up to and including lost limbs. The price, was that severe injuries would cause her to regress physically to her childhood.


Astoundingly similar to Sailor Saturn from the original Sailor Moon series, much to her annoyance.

Mundane Attributes

  • Plink!: Crack spacecraft gunner.
  • Lunatic: Knows a surprising amount of trivia about the original lunar exploration missions.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Spitting image: Unofficial Sailor Saturn. Looks just like Hotaru Tomoe of Sailor Moon. Is slowly learning to accept the resulting fame.
  • I get knocked down...: Able to heal just about any injury, provided it doesn't kill her outright.


  • Act your age: Regenerating injuries causes her to regress in age. The more severe the injury, the younger she will get. A severe enough injury will cause her to physically regress back to a toddler. Any lost mass not used in the healing process will usually be found as a sticky translucent tang-like substance on her clothes and the floor around her. She still retains her adult mentality through the whole ordeal.
  • I had to grow up fast: Recovers her natural age at the rate of a few months a day, settling on an apparently permanent equilibrium somewhere in her mid-twenties. Puberty gets boring after about the fifth time.


Hotaru appears in the following stories:

  • The Fall of Boskone Prime
  • Shadowrunning