Itsuki Koizumi

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Itsuki Koizumi
NationalityFenspace Convention

NPC Character defined for Fenspace by Bob Schroeck
based on the character created by Nagaru Tanigawa

Member of the SOS-Dan, mover and shaker.


Look, I like the SOS-Dan. They've got the fire and drive to do great things, amazing things. They're changing the world for the better. And they're good kids -- even Haruhi, who I'll admit can be a bit abrasive. But there's something about Itsuki Koizumi that creeps me out, just a little.

Bob Schroeck, 2014

Itsuki Koizumi is the diplomat of the SOS-dan. Unflappable and unfazeable in anything from a private party to a pirate attack, Koizumi approaches any situation he finds himself in with a casual savoir-faire and a sly little smile. In the rare instances when he has been surprised or become flustered, his agitation looks like other peoples' calm.

Koizumi generally acts as the interface between the SOS-dan and any outside body with which they need to work. This he does by keeping Haruhi away from them, and converting her bombastic declarations and commandments into "proposals" constructed in language more suited to the give-and-take of Fenspace's all-but-anarchic political arena -- and then negotiating as aggressively as he can to see her demands met. Koizumi is a realist and politically savvy, but he is also intensely loyal to Haruhi; he would rather scrap a deal than allow it to be gutted or twisted away from Haruhi's intent.

His success in this arena is frequently aided by the staggering network of contacts he possesses. He always seems to know someone with the talent, knowledge or resources that will help whatever cause he is promoting at the time, often negating an otherwise deal-breakng objection.

The dogged determination with which he pursues his goals has not endeared him -- and by extension the SOS-Dan -- to some Fen. Combined with his unfortunate habit of ignoring other people's personal space, this has given some people the perception that he is too slick, like a country lawyer; some have even characterized him as "slimy", pointing at his network of contacts as evidence of back-room dealings and pay-to-play handshake agreements. He's been investigated twice by Fenspace journalists and once by the Fenspace Convention itself, and all three times no malfeasance on his part was ever found. That hasn't stopped the grumbling and rumors, though, which have of late expanded to accuse him of actual criminal connections.

Itsuki Koizumi's speech, apparent education, and personal habits all suggest that he comes from a wealthy Japanese family, but like the rest of the SOS-dan, his personal history is either obscured or outright false.

Handwavium Abilities

  • None known


  • Contacts: Koizumi always seems to know someone nearby with useful talents or resources regardless of the situation or location. His contacts range from the 'Danelaw to the outer reaches of the solar system, and it's a running joke among the SMOF that when humanity finally meets another intelligent race, there will already be someone among them who knows Koizumi and is ready to do him a favor.
  • Charm: Koizumi possesses a lazy, seemingly guileless charm that cloaks the master diplomat and negotiator he really is. He is adept at making new acquaintances think themselves friends even though he seems to have few true confidantes outside the SOS-Dan.
  • Too Close!: Koizumi seems to have no sense of other people's personal space, which can sometimes undermine his efforts as a diplomat and negotiator -- and has gotten him into a fistfight or two with overprotective mates.


Zenna Henderson's The People novels, X-Men, the DC Animated Universe (especially Teen Titans), the works of E.E. "Doc" Smith, My Little Pony.

Known Associates

The SOS-dan (Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Yuki Nagato, and Mikuru Asahina), a large and varied assortment of other contacts (including Mr. Morden)


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