J. Hawking

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James Hawking
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationHelmsman and Navigator, Arcadia
EmployerHermes Universal Deliveries
ChildrenKyliea (daughter)

Open Character, created by Griever and Rob Kelk

A father whose family was "taken" by Boskonians, James Hawking joined the crew of Great Justice's Boskone-hunter Kobayashi Maru as helmsman and navigator. He had no luck finding any of his family until a year after the end of the Boskone War, when a chance encounter lead to a three-day search through Liberty on 125 Liberatrix, ending with James' reunion with his now-catgirl daughter Kyliea.

The two have almost given up any hope of finding any of the rest of their family... although they both still believe that there's always a chance. Kyliea majored in education and is now teaching at one of the high schools in Liberty, while James flies a shuttle for Hermes Universal Deliveries on the Liberty / Port Ceres run.

Known Quirks

  • Don't make me fucking shoot you ... - Hawking is sick and tired of all the damn Treasure Island references. Also, for some reason he seems to attract any gay men in the immediate area.


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