Jake Hansen

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Jacob Hansen
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ResidenceStellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesJake
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
OccupationStation Commander, Stellvia Station
EmployerStellvia Corporation
PredecessorNoah Scott

In many ways, Jake Hansen is Noah Scott's right-hand-man for day-to-day activities. (Yayoi Fujisawa is Noah Scott's right-hand-woman for policy matters; she and Jake work together on many projects.) When Noah became too busy to personally oversee the Stellvia station, he chose Jake to be his successor in that role.

Jake is very busy running the station, but not so busy that he doesn't have a social life; he's known to sponsor zero-g gymnastics teams and zero-g ballet companies.

Before she left to take her own command, Jake had a relationship with Miyuri Akisato. They're still good friends.