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It began as "the Galactic States of Jediism", a less-than-serious land claim made by two Welshmen in 2008.

Then the media started reporting on Katz Schrödinger's trips into space, and the Welshmen quickly took physical possession of their acre of land on Luna. Their plans to sell noble titles were ... discouraged ... by the other Warsies who'd already made it Up; in exchange, the faction provided manpower and funding for the construction of Testa City and the Jedi Academy, using the nearby 1.7-km lava tube as a base camp and early settlement. Testa City has since grown past the original acre of land to become a "school town" intermixed with the Academy.

The Academy itself is an "elevator school", offering classes from kindergarten to undergraduate-degree level in a wide variety of subjects. Paisley Squadron is the Academy's flight-training wing.