Jeph Antilles

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Jeph Antilles
ResidenceSerenity Valley, Ganymede
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityAmerican, European extraction
EmployerJupiter Mining Corporation
Height5'11" in male mode, 5'8" in female mode
Weight180 lbs in male mode, 140 lbs in female mode

Primary Writer: JFerio


About 5'11 in male form, 5'8" in female form, with an average atheletic build. Has longish hair, dishwater blond in male form, golden blond in female form. Normally wears jeans with some sort of geeky shirt or another under an overly baggy leather jacket that's seen a lot of miles. In male mode, seemingly a little bit repressed, but friendly enough. Much more animated in female mode. See 'Wavium Abilities for more information.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Close to the Vest - A penchant for 'playing it safe', or at least as safe as you can when dealing with Handwavium technology. Is even more cautious since the Zeb incident.
  • High Society - Likes to interact with everybody.

'Wavium Abilities

Something Different About You Now: Whenever Jeph gets excitable, he does a credible job of emulating Futaba, and changes into a woman. Not a drop dead gorgeous one, but very much easy on the eyes. Usually this only reverses after a night of sleep, but a conscious effort to mellow out and center the emotions also accomplishes this. This doesn't seem to bug Jeph all that much, for some reason.

Good Thing You Can Heal: Tends to heal wounds several times faster than most people. Being in female mode is even faster. Not that Jeph takes any chances, it still hurts like a sumbitch to take an injury.


  • Get a Life - Occasionally gets in over his head in social situations, also known to be socially inept.
  • Excitable Boy - Known to get over excited in certain situations, sometimes bordering on manic with sufficient stimulation.
  • Why Can't We Get Along? Considers some of the more vocal and active conflicts between factions to be somewhat incomprehensible, not to mention aggravating.


Generalist. No primary, but is known to assist many of the existing factions when asked.

Preferred Transport

Starbug 1.

Known Associates

  • Myk-El Miller: First mate on board his personal vehicle, Starbug 1. His best friend from the 'Danelaw, and accidental Fenspace refugee. He is fen, but coming into space was not his first choice.
  • Nene Romanova: Jeph's personal assistant android, based on the blonde from the Bubblegum Crisis television anime. Exceedingly computer savvy, exceptionally bubbly when the mood strikes. She had a thing for Jeph, despite him being the closest thing to a parent she has.
  • R2-G0: Plucky red and white astromech droid. Based on the R2 series from Star Wars, 'Geo' is even more technically minded than Nene, although rather strong-willed and unwilling to spare anyone's feelings with his honest, intelligent opinions. Fortunately, he doesn't speak in anything other than droidspeak, but Jeph seems to be able to understand him perfectly.


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