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Jet Jaguar
Comission jet.jpg
Bornearly 1987
ResidenceGenaros Station/Grunthal, Mars/77 Frigga
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationOGJ Troubleshooter.
Combat/Martial Arts Instructor.
Years active2012 onwards
Service/branchPanzer Kunst Gruppe
Years of service2012-2016
RankKrieger (Captain)
Commands heldEngel Gruppe
Height190 cm
Weight180 kg
Known forMartial artist.
PredecessorMax Armblesssed
SuccessorLenneth Lucien
Religious beliefsLapsed Catholic
PartnerFord Sierra
ChildrenShinji Ikari
RelativesMackie Jaguar: Brother[2]
email: jaguar.jet@zalem.grunthal.fen

Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullModified Knight Saber-type hardsuit on top of anthropomorphic biological support structure.
Drive Type1 back mounted and 2 x foot mounted speed drives
Drive RatingAtmosphere: 1400kph
Vacuum: 0.175C
Armament.357 Magnum ‘Desert Eagle’
2x Damascus Blades
Launched13 March 2012
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Dartz

Jet Jaguar's what you get when just the right amount of recklessness meets just the wrong amount of handwavium - an oopsware cybernetic organism that is a walking definition of Joker-Ace.


Apparently, it all began as some moron's attempt at making a Bubblegum Crisis hardsuit, using a strange handwavium ceramic and steel-wool mix. It ended with alcohol, getting blackout drunk and downing a bottle of stored handsuit handwavium by mistake. It seems the 'wave decided that both the poor fool, and the hardsuit, were intended to be one and the same piece of equipment and promptly made it so.

That hardsuit was built for spaceflight, so it had speed drives and life support built in. That armour was built to withstand space debris so it's beyond tough. There were full radio and radar suites built in. It probably had an onboard computer and comm's and interwave a bunch of the other typical fen gizmos. All of that merged with the biological remains of who he'd been to create something.... strange.

The technical term is Biofusion - a biological body fused with technological matter at an almost cellular level to make one living techno-organic thing. Neither machine nor meat can survive separate from each other, a proper freakshow.

The upshot. You've got someone with utterly insane speed, strength and reaction times. Jet's open spaceflight capable and vacuum hardened. All that onboard hardware on the hardsuit became a physical part of Jet's mind. So that's an on-board digital computer, a whole load of software, sensors, comm's, even interwave. And all of that's at Jet's mental command. Everything you think about when you think, hmmm, I wanna be a cyborg and do cool cyber shit

The downside. Have you seen that profile picture? That armour cannot come off. Never. Which means never being able to pass as normal. It's the sort of body horror that makes my skin crawl - you think, yeah it'd be cool to do all that shit for a week, but good God is that a nightmare to be stuck like that for life. On top of that, the armour had been built using electromechanical actuators, so it's constant-power rather than the safer constant-force. Jet's notorious for breaking things. [3]. Then add in the maintenance all that tech needs. Oh, and having no sense of touch, struggling to fit in tight spaces and I do have to wonder just what happens to the food Jet eats.

Since 2011, Jet's received a number of system upgrades from A.C. Peters, so true capabilities have gone beyond the initial report.

Known History in Fenspace

Jet first became known sometime around November 2011 - originally as an idiot with a hardsuit who liked to play in the wakes behind airliners. The natural assumption - based on appearance - was that 'she' was female and was just some idiot in power armour. Apparently not, because at the time Jet always referred to himself as male - in spite of appearances. We'll go with common use, for lack of confusion's sake. By all accounts, she was a bit of a nuisance for the mundane authorities - even as she posted videos online of his antics racing through city streets at near transonic speeds. Jet would sit on the roof at concerts, or just fly in to football matches and watch from the top of the stadium.

Eventually, the authorities finally had enough and moved to make an arrest in March. What could've been a bloody disaster was averted by Jet being away from home at the time, giving her the chance to run to orbit. They found the railgun she built to test her armour, and that was an immediate ten year prison sentence.

Her first public appearance to Fenspace as a whole was a single video, showing her taking her helmet off in open vacuum - drawing a great deal of speculation as to what exactly she was. This was then quickly overshadowed by the launch of the Death Star, and forgotten by all but a few in the cyber confederation, who recognised the research potential.

It seems Jet worked for a time on Genaros, maintaining the overhead rainwater systems. Some of her colleagues were later instrumental in developing the notorious Metaverse system. Jet wasn't present at the founding of Great Justice, having eluded Haruhi's gaze. It took nearly a month for A.C. to find her and get in touch...

Jet spent weeks on the Forge, undergoing first an in-depth technical analysis, followed by some modifications to improve her spaceworthiness. Most of what I know about her early capabilities came from the first analysis reports posted to the Cyber's mailing list. The now common technique of direct-gate neural bridging is a direct result of A.C.'s analysis work on her mind.

Jet joined the Panzer Kunst Gruppe that summer, ostensibly to learn to control herself better. For whatever personal reason, she remained with the Gruppe, earning her blades as a member of the Engel Gruppe before the end of the year. She began to serve Great Justice as a courier on Pigeon runs, carrying sensitive secret orders. It was on one of these missions that Jet first met Ford Sierra - finding the wreck of Ford's car in open space.

By all accounts, it definitely was not love at first sight. They shared a drink then went their separate ways.

They meet again when both are in for maintenance on their cybernetics, and something happens.

By SerenityCon, they're known to be an item. SerenityCon is where Jet grabs the Convention's attention. With their leader killed in the first barrage, Jet leads the Engel Gruppe in a desperate attempt to knock down the initial missile strikes - physically ramming the missiles where possible. The Engels engaged enemy dropships and craft in open space, knocking out more than a few, but taking more casualties along the way. They recover to Gnarlycurl, where Jet meets Ford again - and they somehow manage to rally the remains of the Engels, and a whole bunch of civil transports, to form a guarded space convoy to complete the evacuation of the Convention on the ground. The Convoy made five trips from the Convention to Gnarlycul, losing nobody in the process.

That's how she earned her Zig medal

She earns clusters for it for 'conspicuous courage and initiative on a classified mission' soon afterwards - shortly after taking official leadership of the Engel Gruppe.

Jet is present at Jusenkyou from minute one. Acting on initiative, she leads the Gruppe deep into the asteroid, chasing an opening gap in the enemy's defences. It turns out to be a trap, and her and the Gruppe are cut off from support. Jet orders them to split up, and the remains of the Gruppe run havoc through the rear of the enemy's defences, taking a beating in the process. Two of them are killed. Jet finally manages to link up with friendly forces after 54 hours, with Jusenkyou falling 4 hours later. It's not something she likes to talk about.

The Engel Gruppe discovered a Boskonian transport at 16 Psyche - which would later become the Gruppe's transport craft ''Destiny Nova''. She earned a Distinguished Service Medal for leading the covert sabotage of the defences at Shipwreck Island before the Convention assault, and was Mentioned in Dispatches again for assisting the liberation of a raided mine. Her final action of the war proper, is as part of the mission to rescue The Professor from Boskone Prime. While Alita and her Kammers rescue the Professor proper, Jet and her Engels tear Boskone Prime's defenses apart from the inside. The Gruppe remains behind to cover the escape of the Destiny Nova and Prof, before causing utter havoc inside the base.

This adds Rings to Jet's Zig medal, and earns silverware for pretty much the entire Gruppe in the process.

Jet misses the Port Phobos Invitational, through being on Operation. She does the same in 2015. 'Peacetime' is an oxymoron for her - she's heavily involved in the post-war thionite mopup until someone finally convinces her that RnR would be a good idea.

The first warning the Convention gets that she's more than a one-trick combat pony comes in May 2015, when the Highway Star Motorcycle sets a Land Speed Record, being ridden by some journalist [4] It's all hardtech - designed and built in only three months and it is beyond insane. If you don't know Jet for being a warrior, chances are she's known to you for this - especially if you're a Gearhead. She sold parts enough to make a second to Lebia Maverick - and a Third was built by Eddie, which was ridden by her to the All Fenspace Speed record - which it still holds.

And then she goes and surprises everyone by buying an asteroid from the defunct Pinkard mining company.

Jet and Ford spend three years working for the Roughriders as contractors - Jet as an Instructor, earning herself an honourable discharge in the process. The second hint we get that she's more than just a blood-n-guts killer comes when she builds the A-team's armour and equipment, then trains them how to use it. The Stingray Project was born out of it - even if Stengovich would like people to think otherwise, I guarantee you she started the whole thing.

So naturally, nobody was surprised when in 2020 she announced she was converting 77 Frigga into a combat school - her own Blitzkrieg Panzer Kunst dojo thing, and Survival Shot - a home defense school - and the only one in Fenspace that isn't based in VR. It uses real guns, with real simmunitions that really fucking hurt when they hit you. [5]. She's got this belief that people react differently in Real Life, than in VR, because they know there'll be consequences in the morning. Whether you believe it or not, Stellviacorp sure does - contracting Survival Shot for defense and security training for it's personnel.

Somewhere out of this, she gains an AI brother - Mackie - in some sort of broken Moll Flanders-type glitch that means both of them have to call each other Brother and Sister[6] - and she's so invested in it that she actually takes the Oath of Venus and starts referring to herself as specifically female. All her ID stuff and everything changes. There're suggestions of some serious self-image changes, hinting at another wave-fuckup somewhere - but I can't find proof.

I guess she's kinda bored on an asteroid however, because she also starts another business - an Artisan spacecraft manufacturer named Asagiri (After Priscilla S., the Blue Knight Saber). They were nothing special - garagiste work at best, right up until that RF-47 Kulbit won the annual ARR championship in 2024- and promptly sold like Notcakes when Bellcom upgraded the VF-4, and promised a VF-9 to follow. I doubt it makes her enough money to be anything more than a hobby but that's alright because it's plainly obvious she doesn't really seem to care about making too much money, just building cool shit for Convention every year. It's sole contribution to Fentech was the Tannalloy battery - which had some odd qualities and an extreme lifespan.

She awakens first AI - Shinji Ikari. He promptly ends up being the poster child for the Pinnochio glitch. An assemblage of BNF's helps him over it. Rumours of a chaotic pickup game of Astroball fly, but video has yet to surface [7]. A number of spare parts - including two unfinished bodies, were set aside in case he had an accident. These may have become Elpeo Ple and Minnie-May Hopkins, but I've got no proof of that - for one thing, she was on Arcadia when they were first recorded.

An accident at Motorcon almost kills her in 2023. She got herself tangled in a cable, then bounced down a tunnel at nearly 600kph after rescuing her brother from an out of control car he built, which leads to yet another recuperation and repair at the Forge.

Sidebar: User 'MirandaZZ' comments on /r/MilleniumNews

RE:Assimilating Frigga

All those tinfoilers that talked about an Unchecked Queen giving kickbacks to her friends are just that. Tinfoil hat wearing morons. Bristol needs the metal, as as much as it pains me to say it, this is the best place to get it

But if you ask me, I just don't like her. Okay, so maybe I do err that little bit teensy too much on the love side of things but really, is someone like her who we really want in this faction? Just look at all the stuff she did in the War, and afterwards. That's so Violent! Just look at that video taken when Frigga was attacked. I had a friend out there and he said it was horrible And now those rumours about that spacecraft they just bought. If you ask me, her psychopass is really, really cloudy...

She may be a cyber, but she's nothing like Lady Mars at all.

Most recently, she's earned notoriety within Federation Circles for That Arcadia Mission. I dunno - I thought it was bloody cool really. They bought an old Russian Kaspian Sea Monster, refitted it for spaceflight and made a big show of putting together an oceonography mission to another world - the first in history. They dived on the Titanic, before taking a run out to Arcadia for some deep diving and come home with Samples.

The truth is outed soon afterwards. Jet had salvaged a sample of a crashed Tannhauser Gate, The Federation had covered it up, and imposed an ecological restriction zone to keep prospectors from interfering with their terraforming research.

Depending on who you talk to, it was antisocial, borderline illegal and a violation of common courtesy and decency. Or, it cheekily pulled the wool over the eyes of a stolid sheriff, made a few self important officers look like utter fools - and managed to make one of the more important scientific discoveries of the year almost by accident. Apparently, she's kept and framed the motion of Censure from the Federation Council...

And that brings us to Today.

Rumours Surrounding Jet

The biggest rumour is that Jet was once a Troubleshooter for Great Justice - possibly rising as high as OF-7, or even 8. A lot of little things line up to make it seem likely - some of the operations with the Engel Gruppe seem a little to convenient. The mission on Nehalennia, and the Metaverse Incident pretty much confirm it to anyone who hasn't ostriched their head in the sand.

The second biggest rumour, is that Jet still is. It would explain where she got the money to fund that Arcadia mission, for a start.

From left field, there's some out there who hold to the idea that Jet never existed in the first place and that she's really just another one of Peter's projects - or occasionally someone else's - who got loose and has implanted false memories. It's out there, and the people who believe it are the same sort of people who used to think chemtrails were a thing.

On the back burner, there're suggestions that she's tied with the Knight Sabers somehow, probably as an instructor since the Panzer Kunst Gruppe at Grunthal are required to keep track of everyone they train - and the Sabers are obviously trained in the Kunst. She's also involved with the Stingray Project. I'd almost lay the blame for everything at her door - but then her armour would make it blindly obvious if she was with them. The legs are too short on all four.


Immature, to the point that I'd almost put her as being somewhere between 17 and 23 mentally. Some of her more amusing blog posts are almost teenage in their ability to whine - like a real cyberpunk. She's impulsive as one in a crisis and shows the same occasional lack of forethought for consequences, even if she is capable of planning. Being something of an adrenaline junkie - I think she gets off on not looking before she leaps and not worrying about the landing until she's halfway down.

She'll gamble on fooling nature [8] and push her luck. It almost borders on recklessness - pushing towards her goal and taking risks to get there. It's a matter of time before it really bites her in the arse. Either her, or someone she cares about.

Jet loves to go fast. She loves to be out in open space, or screaming through cities. She utterly hates being cooped up on a space station or in a spacecraft and gets restless pretty quickly. It always seems like she has to be active, or doing something rather than sitting and waiting for things to happen.

In public, Jet shows the usual hints of 'awkward nerd' that hide within the hearts of many fen. It's funny when you watch some of Maico Tange's interview with her right after the Highway Star record and she looks almost embarrassed at the attention at first before relaxing into it. She'll try to be open and approachable. She'll talk to fans and will happily go off on obsessive fannish rants about her interests with the best of them.

It's almost like she's making a deliberate effort to get out there and make contact with people, rather than lock herself away on an asteroid fortress on high. [9]

When you meet her in person she'll have these bright blue eyes, a cheerful demeanour and she'll do everything in her power to put you at ease and make you feel safe. You might notice a slight tension in her body as she moves, and a very deliberate caution to avoid touching people.

Then remember that she's also a Panzer Kunst master, and spent the hardest part of the Boskone War right at the teeth of anything. She's a high-ranking troubleshooter - with everything that entails. Read some of her AAR's [10] then look at that person who seemed so cheerful and safe ten minutes beforehand and realise that her eyes are the exact same colour as the coldest, hardest ice at the bottom of a glacier.

Don't forget that her core, she's a warrior - a Panzer Kunst master aware of just how powerful she is in combat and who isn't afraid of using that power when necessary. And who is quite capable of deciding when it's necessary on her own. She'll do whatever it takes to end a fight as fast as possible - it's her belief that the shorter the war, the better.

If that means disarming an attacker by ripping their gun-arm clear off, that's what she'll do. If it means letting someone throw their gun away and run for it, she'll ignore them in favour of pressing on with the mission. If an enemy wants to surrender and take themselves out of the fight, she'll let 'em go. [11].

But once they stay at table, everything she can do is fair game to kick them off it as fast as possible. As soon as they back off, she will immediately.

She's always in control, always aware of what she's doing and is capable of being far more ruthless than first impressions will suggest. And this carries across into her post-war life as a nasty tendency to cheat the rules where possible - Jet's not above twisting the rules - or even outright ignoring them - when it suits her.

She's also not above utilising more than a bit of fanservice in advertising, or being a little cheeky. Case in point, this Advertisement for an Mz-23, bragging about it being faster than anything operated by Fen LEO's. She says it pays to be just that little bit ecchi and illicit when advertising. Depends on who you talk to really, but some LEO's - especially the AMP - weren't pleased with that stunt. [12]

Signature Gear

Helmet, Panzer Kunst Elbow Blades, GJ supplies, and a smartgun-modified Desert Eagle in .440 Carbon [13]

Known Transports

  • Herself
    -- Preferred
  • Barbary Class transport, Destiny Nova (2013-2016) -- Decommissioned
  • JF-21, Screaming Demon (2017-~2021) -- Partially Dismantled for parts
  • Outlaw Class Dragon Wagon II (2021-2024)-- Crashed over Texas
  • Gr-03 Hokum, Black Helicopter (2022-Current)
  • Ekranoplan, K.M. Lun (2024-current)

Faction Affiliations

Panzer Kunst Gruppe (2012 - Present)
Cyber Confederation (2012- Present)
Gearheads (2014 - Present)
Roughriders. (2016-2019 Inclusive)
Crystal Millennium (2024 - Present)

Known associates

As a courier/troubleshooter, she probably has contacts throughout GJ and the wider fen-verse.


Possible Motivations:
+ Panzer Kunst
+ Friends, ‘family’
+ Fenspace Independance
+ Speed
- Boskone/Zwilniks
- Convention politics
- Authority


Jet has a strong positive reputation among the Cyber’s, Great Justice and the Roughriders. Mostly related to her combat record, Martial Arts skills and Instructor ability. She has pull amongst the Gearheads (Especially Marsbase Sara), through hardsuit work and the Highway Star. She’s also popular on Genaros Station, for obvious reasons. Most of us mil-fen know who she is too.

Less-so among the Belter’s and the Stellvians. Stellvia is still positive enough to do business happily.

She has a few fans amongst the Senshi, mostly the BGC fen among the Justice subfaction. The Supers respect her as an instructor and for the hardsuit project. She’s known only amongst a few in the Wizarding world, mostly the few rescued from Hogwarts’ ‘lost class’. Asteroid racers are taking interest because of the Kulbit racer.

She’s had issues with the fendane and some pacifist factions. Jet is still technically a wanted criminal within the Irish Republic, for ‘firearms offences’. The Federation have marked her with a motion of censure, and Lun lost it's Port Phobos registration because of it.

She's known amongst the Boskone, as you’d expect. She’s fucked over quite a few of them. She’s been actively targeted by them at least three times. Most don’t realise she’s more dangerous than her reputation. Zwilniks and Turnerites too.

Future Outlook

She's burning hard. While she seems to be getting traction with her efforts and people are starting to see her as more than a one-trick pony, it remains to be seen whether she'll burn out before the fire takes hold. If she makes it over the line, she can cool down and let it smoulder. If not.... well, she'll push and blaze until she finally burns out, or goes too far and has some sort of dangerous accident, harming herself (again) or someone innocent.

Asagiri's started to be invited to tender for projects by KCPD, SHIELD and GJ - although there's been nothing big and successful yet. They actually offered a bid to replace Stellviacorp's Concorde with a custom designed spacecraft[14] - and the fact that she's even thinking about putting in for, and risking getting, a project that big suggests a lot. Survival Shot's alive and tipping along enough to justify staying that way. Rumours of plans for a Zenith of Things tournament fly as they have for years but nothing concrete's been heard.

She seems to be utterly resistant to the concept of being in Power or taking charge of something, so is unlikely to willingly find herself walking the corridors of power anywhere. The result of that could be fun to watch for all present. It looks like Frigga's steadily slipping into an odd form of ad-hocratic anarchism.

Her and Ford have no plans to officially marry as of yet.

Core Competencies

  • Excels at: Martial Arts (Panzer Kunst). Instructor (Panzer Kunst). Combat. Flight. Aerobatics. Acrobatics. Power armour.
  • Good at: Mechatronic design and construction. Motorcycle riding. Stealth. Leadership. Yunicking the rules.
  • Acceptable at: Information warfare. Computer programming. Marketing. Motorball. Project management.
  • Poor at: Shooting. Cooking[15]. Politics. Business. Parenting.
  • Oddities: Has been known to Sketch Lingerie and Fashion, sing Bubblegum Crisis Karaoke and obsess over 1980's anime trivia.


Or things that may only be known to friends, acquaintances and those with connections to the upper echelons of GJ:

  • Jet is an active Troubleshooter, and has been for over ten years
  • Jet is behind the Knight Sabers. Most of the last five years has been effort to get the Knight Sabers set up
  • Jet is Saber White - through a puppet body interface.
  • Jet is Sylia Stingray, through a puppet interface
  • Mackie is Jet's sister, and was the result of an accident with a DNI... he quite literally is a pertial mental clone.

  1. This is the date Jet was biomodded, and is what appears on her ID
  2. Sort of
  3. "...damaged include; Multiple door handles, a door, several plates and one very expensive piece lab equipment" - From her initial tech description in 2012
  4. The Rocketship from Mars
  5. But are a heck of a lot of fun, and worth the journey for the experience alone
  6. In other words, she dotes on him and lets him get away with murder
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  8. That rocket powered Record attempt at Titanicon 24 - I'm sure you heard the pre-launch broadcast which was painfully obvious.
  9. My guess is, someone's looking for an emotional crutch
  10. Or find that leaked video of a pirate attack on her home and watch her dismantle an attack - and the attackers - in minutes
  11. Though, you can make the argument that she hits so bloody hard, most enemies are dead or dying before they even realise it's possible to surrender
  12. It's more of a Sonoda-style cheekiness, than Shirow-style, if that makes sense to anyone.
  13. Proving she knows nothing about firearms
  14. Some sort of cross between an XB-70 and Tu-144. Shame it never got built.
  15. Unless you like having an arse like the eye of sauron the next day