Jet Jaguar and the Kentucky Cat

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This is a collaborative story between Dakota and Dartz. This is the introduction and rescue of Dakota's character Sabre Fang by Dartz's character Jet Jaguar

Note that Dakota has withdrawn his character Sabre Fang from Fenspace, so this story is now a Fenspace Alternate - The Mgmt.

Note: I'm kicking around some ideas to 'revive' this, rewrite, and combine it with some of Dakota's stuff. - Dakota

May 2, 2015
Lunar surface

Fendane, fendane, fendane, yes fendane, I’ve never in interested in running off to explore space like the other fen. I however always wanted a mech of some sort. Not one of the more well known ones, I’d figure they’d be a dime a dozen after a while. How little I knew at that time, figures most fen got fixated on that they could make their car fly. With the moon just a short waved trip away I can’t blame them. Considering that I’m leaving my foot prints in the lunar dust as I type this while watching the earth floating there in the sky. I wonder what future generations will make of the giant paw prints crisscrossing the moon.

I went and built a zoid, took about three years to do. It helps to work in a salvage yard that has a bunch of rat rod builders. So people wouldn’t ask questions when you wander off with materials to build things. They figured you where building a rat rod somewhere. Since I didn’t have wave when I started it was almost completely done when I got my first can of the wave. I wasn’t passed it quietly by someone else or had it mailed to me. It just showed up on my door step one day along with a note on handling. Hindsight says I should have realized it was bait at that time. If I had talked to some of the builders in the area I’d learned that they had gotten cans as well. Most of them have had run ins with the law and tossed the cans as soon as they could. Me? I just danced a jig and started taking my work apart to wave it.

The wave? I fed it on print outs of zoid captures from the TV shows as well as box art from the model kits. Took a while and a lot of the wave, but I finally got it finished. Even had time to paint the armor with a mix of wave and metallic yellow automotive paint. Borrowing a idea from Battletech while scrounging together the computer core. I built a waved neural helmet to help control the movement and balance. When everything dried I climbed into the cockpit of the zoid with a extension ladder. First time I booted up the zoid and put the neural helmet it was like being dipped under water. I found out later that it made a copy of my mind to use as a interface with me, but that was later. When I surfaced everything was more clear, I could sense things through the sensors as if they where my own. Feel the power coursing through the zoids frame.

So I took ‘em for a spin under the night sky,bounding over road , hedge, and fence. Across the farmers fields. I lost track of time with my fun, the zoid was like wearing a really well fitting glove. I returned to the old barn that I had built it in during the false dawn just before the sunrise. So lost was I in the feeling of power I forgot to scan the barn. It came back to bite me while I was in the process of standing up to remove the helmet after opening up the cockpit in the form of a burning pain in my chest. Like someone shoving a pair of hot pokers through it. Then the numb and cold came as I fell from the cockpit. The blackness took me after I hit the ground, but that last sight as it did will haunt me forever. It was as if I was looking down at myself on the ground as a man stepped from the shadows towards my body.

What happened between then and when I ‘woke’ up. I’ve only been able to piece together from news reports and accounts from Fen that investigated the robberies.

October 15, 2013
State of Kentucky, USA

"This is Tam O’hear reporting from Campton at the site of another midnight bank attack. As you can see behind me the bank has been mostly destroyed with the vault missing. Authorities believe the suspects are using handwaved machines to attack the banks and carry off the vaults." The camera pans over the remains of the bank as she is talking, showing half the single story building to be flattened. While firefighters and police pick through the remains. The parking lot has been badly damaged by something. The camera pans back to the reporter, "This has been the third such attack in eastern Kentucky, the vaults from the other two banks still haven’t been located."

"The only leads so far was a recovered ATM video from the Bank of America attack just south in Jackson. The Authorities have not released that video to the news as of yet. All other external cameras in all three robberies where destroyed before they could film anything" The reporter nods, "Now to Janny for the weather."