John Shepard

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John Shepard
BornUSA, Westcoast
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerSpace Patrol
Height186 cm
Known forMass Effect Game quotes

A well working team is more than the sum of its parts. Without my team, I would have been unsuccessful, or dead.

—Commander Shepard, Space Patrol 2018

It took a lot of time to make him shut up about this games. Not sure we were completely successful

—Andy Cramers, 2018


John Shepard grew up in the United States on Earth. Being born in 1991, he lived through all the chaos that the discovery of Handwavium did to Earth and through the backslash and Anti-Fen propaganda of the US. Despite the restrictive Anti-Handwavium laws, he managed to wave an armored suit and an assault rifle, based on his favorite game Mass Effect and left Earth in 2016.

After visiting Kandor City for a week, he traveled over Helium and Marsbase Sara to Jenga, the space station of Catgirl Industries. Its not known if Shepard had already contacts with the catgirls before this, but he left after a few hours again with a Taxi to Port Luna. Arriving there, he applied for membership with Space Patrol.

Shepard worked hard in the coming years and was allowed to join Section 6 in mid 2017. His flexible command style is both appreciated and feared by his boss Andy Cramers.

Shepard was invited back to Jenga for Christmas 2018. To his surprise, the catgirls presented him the just finished Normandy as a Christmas gift. A quirk of the ship had made sure that it did not accepted a different captain, so Catgirl Industries loaned the ship and a crew to Space Patrol to be used as Shepard ship. Since then Shepard and his team have been using the Normandy as a mobile base of operation.


Shepard describes himself as a disciplined and hard working soldier and officer, always looking to improve himself and stay in touch with friends and team members. While its unknown how he was on Earth, Shepard has tried to come close to this description ever since he hit orbit. Combined with his look similar to one of the configurations for the main character in the Mass Effect games, Space Patrol assumes that he has got a minor Biomod during his work on his weapon and armor. His usage of a game DVD and even an USB stick with some savegames might explain Shepards sometimes strange behavior.

Shepard does well working in or commanding small groups, but doesn’t have much talent for large scale operations. He is someone that likes to improvise, which has been both a help and a pain for his job at Space patrol.


  • Combat is important. Shepard was already a good shot with his assault rifle when arriving on the Moon. Since then he added training with pistols and hand to hand combat lessons to his martial capabilities.
  • A already did this twice in the game. At times Shepard still compares the world with the events in the Mass Effect games.
  • The team is everything. Shepard would do nearly anything to help his direct team members.


  • Its just a flesh wound. Like most biomods Shepard regenerate injuries quite quickly.
  • Adrenalin Rush. In Combat situations Shepards reactions times sometimes increase a lot for a few moments. Shepard only recently became aware how to trigger this ability and is still working on it. Most times it is a ‘shoot more precise and often’ ability, not a ‘dodge bullets’ one.

Equipment of Note

  • N7 Armor: Shepard owns a black suits of waved padded armor made out of multiple segments including a helmet. The armor offers a strong protection against handheld weapons, is fully envirosealed with internal air support (when the Helmet is worn) and does repair and seal itself! Shepard is still unhappy that he was not able to get a forcefield working on his armor. The armor lacks the N7 emblem the game original has, because Shepard feels that he has not earned it.
  • M-8 Avenger. A compact assault rifle that fires tiny metal bullets at high speed. It has an integrated scope and an ammo capacity of amazing 400 bullets per clip. Shepard is still working on adding improved ammunition like Incendiary or Cyro shots.


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