K-1 Vehicle

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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom (Kistler K-1)
Width6.7m diameter
Mass382,300 kg
Drive Type2x Aerojet/Russian NK-33 engines plus 1x Aerojet/Russian NK-43 engine (LAP)
Kistler AJ26-60 engine (OV)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.04c
Primary ManufacturerRocketplane Kistler
OwnerArtemis Foundation
Flag of RecordWoomera, Australia, Earth
Registry NumberAF-99-1
Launched6 July 2014
PurposeStation resupply, International Space Station
Primary CrewK-1 (ship's AI)
Operational StatusActive
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The K-1 Vehicle is the Artemis Foundation's primary non-crewed resppply spacecraft in Cislunar Space.


The K-1 was originally designed by Kistler as a two-stage-to-orbit launch vehicle for NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) program of the 1990s. Despite a sound design and substantial progress in turning that design into reality, Kistler's bankruptcy and merger with Rocketplane caused delays in the project that caused the K-1 to be mothballed.

The plans and what existed of the prototype sat in storage for over a decade, until being purchased by the Artemis Foundation. The contract to turn the prototype into a space-capable, handwaved vehicle was awarded to the Soviet Air Force,[1] who took less than a month to complete the job. Perhaps because of the involvement of engineer Hasegawa, the K-1 developed a personality based on that of Keiichi ("K-1") Morisato from Ah My Goddess.

K-1 is content to serve as the resupply vehicle for the International Space Station and Beta, with only a few trips off each year to take part in asteroid racing.


  • Going to pieces: The AI for K-1 is located in the Orbital Vehicle (OV), which can separate from the larger Launch Assist Platform (LAP). When detached, the LAP is dead weight, while the OV has a top speed of 0.055c but cannot lift cargo into orbit.
  • I call all lands home: With a body by a US company, thrusters of a Russian design, and a home base in Australia, K-1 sees himself as a citizen of the world.
  • Should I or shouldn't I? K-1 wouldn't mind a girlfriend, but is hesitant to try to find one, lest he summon a goddess to Fenspace.
  • I can't drive .055: Avid asteroid racer (OV only) in his spare time.


  1. The contract was accepted by Sora Hasegawa, over the objections of Mal Fnord.