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ResidenceBlack Spot
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityFen Android
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
Employer7-sided Dice Productions

Primary Writer: Seraviel

KOS-MOS, also known as Avenger, was originally supposed to be Vice-President of 7-sided Dice Productions.


During the various experiments Seraviel did with handwavium, he came to a few conclusions about the effects of his uses of the substance. First was that every hard drive he 'waved separate from a machine generated an AI. Second was that the older the original equipment used, the more powerful the results.[1]

As such, when he went to buy the devices that would later become the servants, he searched and found three ST-506, the first commercial 5¼-inch HDD. He planned on using one as the AI leader of 7-sided Dice Productions under the name of Avenger and keep the other drives for further works.

It didn't work as planned.

Maybe it was the lack of files in the drive, as it was incompatible with current systems and only contained 5 megs of data. Maybe it was that Avenger did not have a card like the other servants. Maybe it was simply a power issue. In any case when Seraviel took the drive out of its handwavium bath, the writing on it had changed.

It now said KOS-MOS.

Putting the drive in the mainframe reserved for her did not activate her. It instead brought out an extensive list of missing peripherals, driver failures and other system errors. Analysis of these errors led Seraviel to notice she was looking for her body.

So he built her one. It also didn't take.

But it did eliminate some of the errors, so Seraviel had been working intensively since May 20, 2012, to find the right combination of components that will allow her drive to activate.

As of April 2014, She has refused 51 different bodies.

Notable Mundane Attributes

Unknown. Is not active as of April 2014.

'Wavium Abilities

Unknown. Is not active as of April 2014.


Unknown. Is not active as of April 2014.


KOS-MOS has a notable or major role in the following stories:

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  1. The most powerful computer he owns was formerly a slow Win98 laptop, while his other laptops improved quite less significantly.