Kaiser Drakken

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Kaiser Drakken
BornOctober 3, 1985(1985-10-03)
ResidenceSS Leonardo
CitizenshipKoopa Kingdom
OccupationTrader, Fleet Captain
TitleKing of the Koopas
ChildrenLain Drakken (Daughter)

When The Island took off in 2008, none were more amazed then the man known as Kaiser. Or more inspired. Within weeks he acquired a source of Handwavium, and with initial help of several close friends, began covertly transforming a ten acre plot of family land into the Unreal Estate now called the SS Leonardo. This process took over two years, during which the prospective crew increased to over two dozen members. All of whom, for some reason, insist on having Kaiser in charge. He’s still not sure why.

It was during this construction that he created the wavium construct known as Lain Drakken. Soon after liftoff, Kaiser officially adopted Lain as his daughter and heir.

After liftoff, Kaiser managed to quickly make a small fortune selling excellent wines, ciders, and tobaccos. This led to the construction of the second of his turtle ships, the SS Donatello. Once it was completed, Kaiser had all his commercial endeavors moved to the new ship. This of course provided an attractive target to the increasing Boskonian activity at the time.

When the Boskos attacked and were only driven off by the assistance of the Ciara, Kaiser decided that he needed an increase in protection. Construction began on third ship with devoted armament and hanger space for attack drones, but was interrupted by a second Boskonian attack, this one able to successfully capture the partially completed turtle ship.

Enraged at this course events, Kaiser began secretly calling in favors. Leaving the Donatello and Leonardo parked at L5 with second in command Micah in charge, Kaiser and several crew members retreated to a hidden location in the belt. Less then six months later, the SS Raphael began assisting in Operation Great Justice.

During the war, intelligence came in that located the lost turtle ship. The Boskonians had finished the construction, and were using it as a large scale mobile base. In a quick response from the turtle forces, now the self proclaimed Koopa Kingdom, the lost ship was reclaimed by the controversial tactic of depressurizing the whole ship. The ship was refurbished and labeled the SS Slash.

After the Boskonian War, one final turtle ship was produced. The SS Michelangelo opened as a resort one year after the fall of Bosko Prime, and quickly became a growing hot spot of Fen ‘night life’.

At this point Kaiser Drakken, now known as King of the Koopas, quietly runs his small fleet of overly large ships that he insist qualify as a kingdom. Seeing as this is the Fen, most people just humor him.[1]

Handwavium Abilities

None. Kaiser is a base line human with no biomod. He does keep a small supply of liquid ‘wave on him at all times as an emergency measure. He’s hoping to never need it because he has the sneaking suspicion that the wave will turn him into a anthropomorphic turtle and Kai is not fond of the idea.


  • King of the Mountain: Kaiser has declared himself King of the Koopas, with a Kingdom made up of his five turtle ships.
  • Snappy Dresser: Kaiser is commonly found dressed in an elaborate outfit that makes him look like a bizarre combination of a Steampunk Ethernaut and Space Pirate. This outfit is fully waved and can act as an armored space suit in case of unexpected attack or pressure loss.

Trivia and Rumors

Has a hard time trading with ‘Danelaw organizations, even ones friendly to Fen due to a reputation as a criminal and Drug Lord amongst the ‘Danes.


  1. Besides, if the Fen disqualified a group from being a political entity just because they live on ships, they'd have to apply the same rule to the Trekkies, and nobody wants to piss off the largest faction in Fenspace.