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NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationCaptain, SV Coherent Anti-Raman Stokes Scatterer
EmployerKFD Heavy Industries

Created by Brian Webb

The head of KFD Heavy industries and the captian of the SV CARSS, more or less. He's the one they point at when someone has to take responsibility for something. Kale was a photonics/optics engineer before the wave, though he mostly stayed in academia and worked with laser microscopy for medical applications.<br\> <br\> He and his old friends The Druish One and Kasmir came up with the idea of building the CARSS when they realized they didn't have the money to build something spacious and comfortable enough for each of them individually.<br\> <br\> KFD Heavy Industries was born out of their long standing plans to found an engineering company.<br\>

Personal Quirks

  • Kale Standard Time: Kale is always late, always.
  • A Maze of Twisty Little Passages: He can't be trusted to navigate either. Unless it's someplace he goes regularly, he will get lost.
  • Frikkin lasers: Kale's a photonics / optics engineer by training and loves to play with lasers.
  • It was like that when I got here: Kale cooks with a blast radius. His food doesn't explode, and there's no handwavium involved. He just ends up creating a horrible mess whenever he's in the kitchen.



Known Associates