Kat Avins

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Kat Avins
ResidenceGrover's Corners
NationalityFenspace Convention
Spouse(s)Joe Avins
ChildrenNina Avins
RelativesAlison Mee (sister)
Heather Panquelle (sister)
Grace Panquelle (niece)

Primary Writer: Bob Schroeck


46 years old. Earth mother type with straight waist-length blonde hair, approximately 5'7". Green eyes.

Known Quirks

  • Belldandy made flesh -- soft-spoken without being inaudible, open, friendly, sympathetic, a natural listener.
  • Able to keep serene and open-minded in almost situation, no matter how stressful -- and even her stressing out is surprisingly low-key and quiet.
  • A multitalented musician who made a living as a music therapist (and who made sure all her clients had referrals to other professionals before the Grover's Corners launched).


Kat Avins appears in the following stories: