Katie Lee

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Katie Lee
ResidenceThe Island
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipThe Island, ex-Senshi
EmployerFloating Island Pte Ltd, Island Real Estate Investment Trust
TitleStation Retail, Convention Organizer, Deputy Mascot
RelativesDr. Gwen Lee (twin sister)

Primary Writer: Acyl

The Island's Go-Between

Mundane Attributes

  • Hanger-On: She's not really on the Island's committee (read, founding crew). She joined later. But she's Gwen's twin sister, and has wormed her way into the "in-crowd". De-facto liaison between the senior staff and the hired help. Also handles customers actually on the station, letting others make the big outside decisions.

Handwavium Ability

  • Dual Cycle: She's either insanely hyperactive, or so asleep her heart virtually stops. Either found nearly ricocheting off walls, or passed out on tables, chairs, floors, occasionally other people.


  • Sailor Nothing: Used to run with the Venus Terraforming Project. Occasionally dresses like she still is. The reason she left isn't known, but perhaps she was too bouncy and generally weird, even for them.