Kenneth Barnum

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Kenneth Barnum
ResidenceUSS Miranda
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerMiranda Consortium
Home townAlaska, USA
TitleSecurity Chief

(Primary Writer: Kokuten )

Security Chief, USS Miranda


Brunet, Hazel-eyed Caucasian male in his mid-20s, 5'9", 190lbs, wiry-yet-tough build. Slightly slimmer than your Stereotypical Space Hero. Attractive, but devoted to wife/child who remain at home.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Oh no, I'm a dead man: Refuses to wear his Security branch 'red shirt', has a set of black Starfleet Uniform togs with red pinstripes and red trousers instead. Does not posess a 'red shirt', will not wear one.
  • Book-of-the-month-club: Voracious reader, personal effects included several gigs of plaintext. Will read any book of any genre, and is familiar with quite a large swath of authors.
  • Go Speed Reader, Go!: Speed reader, fast enough in daily use to catch people who aren't off-guard. This perception ability also works on security threats.
  • Combat Trained: Starfleet combat-trained, competent with all current Starfleet weapons, as well as the bastard "TV-Fu" taught in the hand-to-hand classes, which is surprisingly effective. Much more comfortable, however, with a chunk of rebar in his hand.

'Wavium Abilities

Minor Green Lantern: KB ran into some Guacamole during his graduation party from the Academy, and ended up changing.. not at all. Except for the limited absorption and redirection of energy, and emotion-based generation of a visible green glow from his eyes. He's not aware of this yet, and routine testing shows 'biomod, unknown'. He thinks he got a 'dud bullet'.


  • Voracious Reader: Carries PDA with him at all times, 'waved for superior battery life and durability. At all times. The Captain has given up giving him demerits or gigs for having it with him on formal occasions/away missions/security operations/emergencies.
  • Limited Respect for Authority: Admires and respects April Roberts, will not hesitate to tell her that she's Nucking Futs, regardless of venue.
  • Impulse Buyer: Signed up for Miranda on impulse, and while he's doing his best to see it through, wonders what the hell possessed him to leave wife+kids behind.
  • Hotbutton: South Park: Ken is aware that he shares a name with the frequently-dead Kenny from South Park, doesn't want to talk about it, it's not funny, no, he knows about it being funny that he's a redshirt, and it's not funny, and I will punch you in the face, Captain, it's not funny. Do not press hot button.


Trekkie/Generic, the Fleet is just a job, ya'know?


Kenneth Barnum grew up in Alaska with the Wire Geek, but left Earth before him, when one of the Starfleet recruiting drives happened to stop into town. Chasing the educational and career opportunities (and hey, outer space!), Kenny shook the dust of Earth from his sandals, and went Up with his wife and two children.


Kenny is a fairly excitable person, and has a lot of passionate interests. Fortunately, the safety and well-being of 'his' crew are one of the big ones. Kenny is usually going a thousand miles an hour, working a couple of computer games or self-educational projects, taking classes, working his job, and reading more than he really should.

Kenny is a family man, and is always willing to take a minute to play with his kids (the Ravening Horde, as he refers to them) or make time with his wife. He is also an avid computer gamer and reader, so he's always got something going on. Due to living like this, Kenny doesn't take waiting well, and will either show signs of The Twitch, or simply whip out his PDA and read.

Starfleet was everything Kenny had hoped it would be, and immediately after completing the 18-month 'panic course', graduating with honors, Kenny embarked with the Miranda for Parts Unknown.