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Spacecraft Registry
SC KnightWing
KnightWing, captured by a security drone just south of Arcadia Planetia
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRockwell International B1 Lancer
Drive Type4 x Quad helix ion drives
Drive RatingAtmosphere: Mach 2.2
Vacuum: 0.8 - 0.12C
ArmamentPoint defence lasers only
Owner Unrecorded
Flag of Record Unregistered
Registry NumberUnregistered
PurposeHigh speed insertion
Primary Crew6, including 1 AI shipmind
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What We Think We Know

Okay, lets sum up what we know so far.

The KnightWing seems to be a modified Lancer-series spacecraft, produced by the Roughriders. The Roughriders themselves have no record of the craft. And you know there're those two spaceframes that were destroyed in a fire, so I'm guessing somebody hacked something together without the remains. [2]

Our best picture remains the image above, taken by a camera drone over Arcadia Planetia on Mars last year. There's another from Maico Tange too that's worth checking out. We can see a laser-point-defense pod hung from the belly, but apart from that we can't tell what she's armed with. I can't find any record of her actually using an offensive weapon. OTOH, she's a slippery eel of a thing... ECM and ECCM makes her hard to pin down, and she's got some level of stealth technology. You can still detect it, but Genaros didn't realise what it was until after the Knight Sabers had left the building. [3]

The standard one comes with three configurable bays, and I'm guessing they're using at least two of them.

Tange caught 'em with the doors to one of them jammed open. They're probably putting the Motoroids in the rear bay, then using both forward bays for the Hardsuits, and maybe somewhere to change into them. Speculation on my part, but it's logical speculation. Some private Lancer owners run the same layout with both forward cargo bays as a living area, so y'know, there's precedent for it.

RE: KnighWing Speculation thread Again, by Pyrotechie

If it's a Roughrider's design, it's running Cool Cuke engines. But, here's the thing - it's putting out a lot more punch than a stock Cool Cuke should. Just look at the shock cones in that ion-exhaust and how bright it is. I'm counting a full ten diamonds there. And I know it's been tracked at up to .15 by Open Sources. To go that fast, you're looking at tripling the engine output at minimum....

Somebody's hot-rodded it. Oh man, I'd love to see the inside of those things!

Now normally, these are stable, ultra-reliable and most importantly, safe powerplants. Normally. This has got to be running on the ragged edge of meltdown to burn that bright and the only way you're pushing one that hard is if you manage to make it chain react- which involves doing things that the Space Patrol Do Not Like because they also mean you can do other things - or you just get some way of stuffing a loadextra neutrons into the existing rod.

I know a few who've done something like that. It spends more time being repaired than actually flying.

Oh, and needless to say, if ya'll see it running at full burn, so can half of Fenspace so they ain't going to be doing that too much.

As for everything else, the Lancer was intended to be a high-speed penetrating strike aircraft, capable of carrying a heavy load in it’s cargobays while keeping up with a Blackbird escort. The original design saved development time and money by using the same flight computer and sensor systems as the OV-200-series shuttles[4], modified for combat operations. So, she's probably got some sort of Mind onboard keeping everything running.

That's about the limit of what we can tell right now.

Rumours about KnightWing

Number 1 is that she's not actually Roughriders Built. It's a bit of an open secret than a few B-1's went missing from the Arizona boneyards not too long ago. Official TSAB position is the Glomar Response. There're some interesting implications if the TSAB have something to do with the Knight Sabers... but I'd put that on the same shelf as 'Kennedy ordered himself shot' [5]

Number 2 is that - if you're familiar with the Wolkenritter and Reinforce - there's some sort of similar arrangement between the KnightWing and the Knight Sabers. They're all some sort of complex Cyber, with the 'wing acting as a nexus-Mind for them all. [6]

Number 3 is that she's due for a replacement. With what, I dunno. [7]

Class Quirks:

Okay, so I copied these from the original Lancer-class Profile. But It's fair to assume she still fits.

Zoom to the Moon: Capable of keeping up with Blackbird series aircraft. 4 Quad-helix engines will do that.

Hangar Queen: Maintenance intensive. Extremely maintenance intensive. 4 Quad-helix engines will also do that.

Hole in the Sky: With all primary systems shut down, Lancer-series aircraft are almost impossible to spot, provided the paint is clean and undamaged.

Graceful cousins: Lancers are well aware that they have a shared heritage with the Shuttle orbiters. In general, the enjoy taking exploration and non-combat missions in their downtime and are by nature, more more curious than combative.

Not without my mustache!: If the mustache winglets on nose of the spacecraft are damaged, speed is limited to .08C until repaired.

Ship specific quirks:

Ghost Ship: There are no records of the KnightWing in any ship registry, and no official records of it being sold. It doesn’t often broadcast a transponder signal, but when it does it usually broadcasts the signature of another Lancer. The only external marking is a nameplate just aft of the cockpit window.


Known only to her owners and their friends.

  • Mackie Jaguar began life as the KnightWing's Mind. He utterly hated being trapped inside the ship's computer.
  • A replacement has been discussed. As his a full refit. Either will require funding.
  • KnightWing is capable of spoofing the transponder signals of other Lancer craft.


  1. First recorded date
  2. Yeah, I know, they produced the wreckage, but it's not hard to make wreckage, and both spaceframes were conveniently recycled soon afterwards...
  3. It looks like a harmless shuttle to most sensors, at most
  4. The original B-one used OV-100 parts, oddly enough, being made by the same company.
  5. I'm guessing it's more that the B-1-R rumours are true and they just don't want to be drawn on it...
  6. I'll admit, this one's got its adherants. It really hinges on who you think's behind the Sabers.
  7. Something with a little Spirit maybe? All I know is, sensor tech's advanced a lot in the last few years and the Lancer is an aging design