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Spacecraft Registry
SS Kobayashi Maru
Blueprint view of a standard Roadrunner-class transport.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullRoadrunner class transport frigate (four engine nacelles in 'box' pattern at the end of octagonal spine which, in turn, sports four modular mounts - dorsal, ventral, starboard, port. Wedge-shaped cockpit/crew section.)
Drive TypeIon thrusters, Reactionless thrusters
OwnerGreat Justice
Registry NumberSEB-X-2501
LaunchedMarch 3rd, 2013
PurposeAssault Frigate
Primary Crew**WHITENOISE**
Other CrewViola (AI, majordomo)
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Griever

A former "blank slate" slave.
A girl abducted during a trip to Venus.
A father whose family was "taken."
A dozen "marines" who'd been Senshi once upon a time, in another life you could say.
The crew had been chosen carefully. I wondered for a moment if I should be upset with myself for being this cold.

—from the captain's first log entry

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • It feels so good to be so evil - As with every single Artificial Intelligence to Quicken on a ship that Schrödinger had a hand in working on directly (four and counting) the persona manifest is that of an "antagonist" type fictional character. Viola 'Gyane' is, as with her siblings - Trigon, d'Sparil, and Harlequin (Harley Quinn) - approached with a certain amount of pragmatism and caution. While not as openly malicious as either the eldest or second eldest, and not as ... insane ... as her nominal sister, Viola has what can be referred to as a "thorny" personality and is wont to be rather extreme in her responses. That being said, she's also become quite protective of her "crew," whom she views as comrades.
  • Canonical convention - More in the form that is sometimes seen with craft of dedicated fanbase members of certain series', the handwaved powerplant and its feeds change modes of operation depending on snippets of old Star Trek TV episodes. They seem to respond best to ones of Jean-Luc Picard, though.
  • ... where no man has gone before - There is no Cargo Compartment #3 in the plans. Or concepts. Or on the blueprints. Systems say it's there, though, and the door is there. Clearly marked, even. You do not want to go in there. You just ... don't. You'll regret it if you do.

Known Crew Quirks

  • Lock and load - Viola is an obsessive-compulsive when it comes to calculating targeting solutions, which is the reason the weapons console and some of the sensors have lockouts that keep her from those parts of the ship.


The Kobayashi Maru was originally intended as the sole representative of the class, seeing as it's at its most effective with the use of Trigon's particular abilities (as in, using the harpoon cables' fiber-optic cores and Field Amps in the projectiles themselves to hijack a hooked ship's systems). The Roadrunner transport frigate class hull did go onto the open market in mid-2013, becoming - due to the modular and standardized design as well as the relatively cheap fabrication costs and high adaptability - one of the most popular ships of the period.

Kobayashi Maru was nicknamed 'Kingfisher' by the Bleach Fen who were the first to make a sighting, the name stuck even past the ship's official 'outing' to Fen in general.

During the Boskone War, she held a Letter of Marque from the Space Patrol. After the end of those hostilities, Viola joined Great Justice on a permanent basis (in order to legally remain armed), and the ship went with her. Her home port during Operation:Great Justice was Earth-Luna L5 station Stellvia, Above and Beyond Development Drydock. Her crew was:


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