Koopa Kingdom

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Koopa Kingdom
Founder(s)Kaiser Drakken
HeadquartersSS Leonardo
Area servedSolar System
Key peopleKaiser Drakken
ServicesRecreation (theme park / casino)

The Koopa Kingdom is a organization based out of five turtle themed ship the size of small asteroids. Originally known for being the biggest source of tobacco in space, the Koopas have branched out into many other industries. They are headed by Kaiser Drakken, the self proclaimed King of the Koopas.

The Five Turtle Ships

  • SS Leonardo The Leonardo is Unreal Estate. It started off as 15 acres of Appalachian land from Tennessee, and was the first of the great Turtle Ships. Originally it was primary source of the tobacco, but this was phased out with the launch of the Donatello.
  • SS Donatello The second to be launched, this is the production home of the Koopa Kingdom. With vast hydroponic gardens growing both food and tobacco, this vessel can be seen as the core of the Kingdom.
  • SS Raphael The third vessel to be launched, the Raphael was actually the fourth vessel to begin construction. After the Slash was hijacked, the Raphael was designed as a warship. After the war, it was mostly refitted for other tasks, but remains battle ready to this day. It is the smallest of the Turtle Ships.
  • SS Slash Construction began on the Slash after the Koopas barely fended off an attack by Boskonians. It was designed to be big, and impressive looking. It was a supposed to be both a battleship, and secured hydroponics. Unfortunately, shortly before it was to launch, Boskonians forces attacked, and successfully captured the Slash. It wasn't until after the war was over that the Slash was returned.
  • SS Michelangelo Michelangelo is a party vessel. Designed as a combination theme park and casino, it's quickly become one of the major tourist attractions in Fenspace.

Notable Koopa Citizens