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ResidenceFateful Lightning
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityGreek (AI)
OccupationQuartermaster, Ship Maintenance, and Motherhen, Fateful Lightning
ParentsThe Jason ("father")
RelativesClotho, Atropos, Fate (sisters)

Lachesis, like her Sisters Clotho, Atropos, and Fate, started out as a high-end computer system that The Jason filled with as much lore on the Greek Fates as possible - including stories about them from modern SF/fantasy. She also got a complete set of the Ah! My Goddess! shows, and whatever data he felt was needed for ship's operations. The Jason was deliberately hoping to wake all four of the Sisters as AIs, and tried to set the stage as much as possible beforehand.

Lachesis is the Mother archetype for the Sisters and is in charge of the Living Quarters aboard the Fateful Lightning. Her personality tends to be motherly, not surprising, and her voice has a vaguely Irish lilt to it. She monitors general ship's functions to make sure nothing goes wrong.

In the way of quirks, she has to be doing something most of the time. When time is slow, she actually spins and weaves, having a wheel and loom set up that can be controlled remotely. Her efforts adorn various walls in the ship's living quarters.

When appearing as a holographic entity (after mid-2014), Lachesis seems to be in her apparent forties, stunning despite the effects of age starting to show. She has bright green eyes and long, wavy copper-red hair starting to go grey, especially at the temples; think a cross between Niobe Kaftan as Lachesis in Piers Anthony's With A Tangled Skein and the older Gwen Gallowglass from Christopher Stasheff's Warlock books. Lachesis keeps a cloth tape measure wrapped around the waist of her green dress, serving as a belt; a large ring of keys hangs from that.