Lain Drakken

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Lain Drakken
BornOctober 10, 2010
ResidenceSS Leonardo
EthnicityWavium Construct
CitizenshipKoopa Kingdom
ParentsKaiser Drakken ("father")

Lain was born late one Saturday night when Kaiser Drakken had been attempting to create a system of super computers and game servers using a carefully grown strain of handwavium. After passing out from exhaustion once the computer systems were finished, Kai woke to find that the unused ‘wave and the steel oil drum it was sitting in had disappeared, and Lain was there instead. Since then Kaiser has adopted Lain as a daughter. Extremely withdrawn in person, her personality seems to do a complete 180 over the Net. She joined the Hacker Underspace, and quickly gained a reputation for being an excellent source of helpful advice in regards to anything computer related. She also gained a reputation as a bit of a prankster, especially when dealing with hackers too arrogant for their own good.

Handwavium Abilities

  • Born of the Wave: Lain is a ‘Wavium Construct. Created from a leftover batch of custom ‘wave in a steel drum that Kaiser was silly enough to take his eyes off of, Lain’s internal structure is mostly just handwavium wrapped around a steel skeleton.[1]
  • Wait, what's your WPM? Her handwavium nature gives her increased reflexes and reaction times. She mostly uses this for improved hacking and data processing.


  • I belong here: Rarely leaves her room on the Leonardo. Never leaves the Leonardo itself.
  • What do you mean, she isn’t an AI?: Lain’s heavy presence on the Net, along with her physical isolation, has lead many to believe she is an awakened AI.
  • Schooled by a 10yr old: Exceptionally fond of games, and good enough that Kai won’t play anything that her reaction time help her with anymore.


When the Michelangelo was opened for business, Lain commissioned an android body based on her own form. She used this body primarily to DJ the Saturday night rave.

Shortly after Lain’s creation, a minor feud sprang up between her and Shodan. Sparked off by the fact that Lain could hack rings around the AI, over the course of the next couple of weeks, this rivalry eventually reach the point that Shodan completely ceased all her normal duties just to try to get back at Lain. At this point Kai had to step in to mediate a truce, otherwise construction of the Leonardo was going to come to a halt. Lain presented a peace offering of System Shock 3, a completely original game created herself in which one plays as Shodan and takes over the universe. Shodan was charmed by the game, but persists with a, much friendlier, rivalry.


  1. This makes Lain the first confirmed Tulpa in Fenspace.


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