Luna Schroeck

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Luna Schroeck
BornMarch 24, 2008(2008-03-24)
New Brunswick, NJ, USA, Earth
ResidenceGrover's Corners, Fenspace
EthnicityWhite (Mixed German/Italian/English/Scandinavian)
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
Home townGrover's Corners, Fenspace
Height3'4" (2012)
Weight36 pounds (2012)
ParentsBob Schroeck, Peggy Schroeck
RelativesNancy Schroeck (aunt), Jim Viel (uncle), Nancy Ott (aunt), Ed Viel (uncle), Dave Viel (uncle), Viel-Ott sons (cousins)
Call-signLittle Moon

Primary Writer: Bob Schroeck

Four-year-old (as of 2012) daughter of Bob and Peggy Schroeck.


3'4", 36 pounds, strawberry blonde hair in a little ponytail, brown eyes.


Luna Schroeck appears in the following stories: