Lunar Fox

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Spacecraft Registry
Lunar Fox
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom - The Tau Manta Heavy Dropship from Warhammer 40k
Drive Typex2 Ion Spike Engines
Drive Rating0.05
ArmamentSee weapons
Primary ManufacturerVolunteers, $Daneside Company, $Fen Company
Flag of RecordKandor City
LaunchedLate 2021
PurposeHouseboat, Workshop
Primary CrewOne to Two
Operational StatusActive
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Dakota - Captain and owner

Vanessa Darkblade - Part Time Chief Engineer


White with black highlights. Stylized winged silver fox overlaying the moon.


Two-and-half decks

Upper deck

The Cockpit is located at the extreme forward of the ship. It's a blend of brass, wood, and ultra-modern with holograms. It's adjoining room acts as the main meeting room/holo table plotting room. The ship's main living space is located just beyond the ladder to reach the Half-deck above. What would have been the troop deck on canon Tau Manta dropship. It's been completely redesigned for the bunkage of quite a few people. While retaining almost a RV feel with a small workshop. A airlock system is located at the extreme stern where a upper ramp/door system would have been on the canon ship design.


The space on a canon Tau Manta where the 'command deck' would have been, it's been completely given over to a upper airlock system. Allowing the Lunar Fox to dock to other ships/stations with it's 'roof'.

Lower Deck

Only internal part of the ship to retain it's original function has a vehicle deck. With slight modifications to allow shipping containers and other a sorted cargo to be stored. The whole deck while accessible from the upper one is a giant airlock system. The whole floor can be lowered to allow on and off loading without the whole ship landing. Via the stern ramp system.


Internal Wing mounts

Single 75mm Gauss Rifle mounted in one of the internal wing brackets.

External Racks

Cargo Winch and Cargo Only

Wing turret mounts

12x 10mm pop up point defense

Nose mounts

4x detachable Tau style sensor drones

Auxillary Vehicles

M12 LRV Warthog - Painted with Programmable paint. Standard Paint Scheme: Halo UNMC green. Alt Paint Scheme: White with black trim. Built in hologram projectors provide KCPD markings and "light bars". Currently the transport 'hog config. [1]

Sky Lynx - Tau Devilfish APC - Fills the role of the Lunar's shuttle and is fully space capable. Chin mounted burst cannon is replaced with a sensor pod and drone points are usually fitted with Sensor or Repair Drones. White with black trim. Built in hologram projectors provide KCPD markings and "light bars".


The Lunar Fox was a project started early 2018 by Dakota While it started as a "secret" build others where quickly pulled into it as he called in favors to figure out different engineering challenges. Also the first construction project to include the use of Tau Builder drones based off Tau drones build by Dakota.

Class Quirks

Swoosh! - The Lunar Fox's doors was designed with help from some Trekkie friends of his.

Always on Holiday - Oddly the ship doesn't seem to like being crewed by people in uniform.

Arrr! - Helm only responds if the pilot is wearing a pirate bandana.

The Ethereal Ghost - People swear they see a Tau Ethereal Sitting in a command chair out of the corner of their eyes every so often in the upper airlock.

This is your pilot - Anyone using the intercom will sound male. Any attempts to correct this results in everything sounding like it is being yelled at full volume until the fix is undone.


Fenspace's Best-armed Houseboat at the current time.


  1. "Park a Warthog in the bay of a Tau Vessel? For some this be rage inducing. For Dakota it doesn't even make him bat an eye."