Lynn Dolittle

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Lynn Dolittle
ResidenceGreenwood City, Greenwood
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipDominion of Canada / Greenwood
EducationM.S. Computer Science (Greenwood U)
OccupationInformation Warfare Specialist
EmployerStonewell-Bellcom Aerospace
Home townToronto, Dominion of Canada
Spouse(s)Jennifer Lambretta
ChildrenSally Ford

Created by ECSNorway


Lynn Dolittle got her start as a prototypical 'genius juvenile delinquent'. A gifted hacker with little respect for rules and regulations, she has a sealed juvenile criminal record with both the City of Toronto and the Province of Ontario. She went 'up' more out of a desire to avoid further brushes with the law than out of any particular fandom.


Lynn got a basic support position with Rockhounds easily enough to give her access and a basic income stream. Three months later she appeared in the office of Alan Griffon, the lead designer at Stonewell-Bellcom, with a forged pass. "You need an EWAR specialist, badly. Congratulations, Doctor Griffon, you've just hired the best." After walking him through exactly how she had uncovered the then-secret think-tank's existence and gained access to his office, Griffon agreed to hire her, on the stipulation that she complete a college degree.

Greenwood U

It was at Greenwood U that Lynn met up with the other two loves of her life. One of these was flying: the 'yacht club' took over her life for several months. Through it, she met the other, Jenny Lambretta. The fiery young rebel and the cool, competent businesswoman made the 'romance of the year' in the eyes of their classmates, and they were married immediately after Lynn's graduation.


While taking classes Lynn also continued her work for the aerospace think-tank. She was involved in several projects including the flight computers for the VF-1 Valkyrie and the electronic warfare suite on the Eagle class frigates. Rumor has it that she hand-built the original VF-1L prototype (and FAST packs for it) simply to be her personal craft. (The rumor is not true, she did it after one of her co-programmers bet her that she couldn't match the just-finalized Eagle's EW suite on a fighter platform.)


Lynn finds it hard to trust authority, mostly because she's usually smarter than they are. In the rarefied heights she operates at now, however, she has found those she can respect, especially her wife. She remains hot-tempered and aggressive but more often shows a cheerful, playful side, tempered with an edge of wicked humor.


Lynn lives with her wife, Jennifer Lambretta, in Greenwood City. She participates in several "hack-a-thon" competitions, including remotely accessing some held Earthside. She has a number of friends among the Cybers and Browncoats that she keeps in close contact with. In 2018, Lynn and Jenny adopted five-year-old Sally Ford, whose parents had been killed in a mining accident.

Mundane Skills and Abilities

  • Very skilled hacker, expert at computer security and electronic warfare
  • Valkyrie pilot licensed by Greenwood City
  • Bifauxnen - Lynn is often mistaken for a boy, and good at making it an easy mistake to make. Cosplay events often see her as the male partner to Jenny's character. (They do a surprisingly good Haruka and Michiru act, to the amusement of many Senshi.)

Handwavium-based Abilities

  • Lynn's personal computer is a wristband-mounted unit that projects a holofield screen and keyboard when she needs access. Rumors that she has a direct neural interface have been denied despite what some have asserted to be evidence to the contrary.


  • "Lynn? She is really nice and clever. Talking with her is always fun, she knows a lot more about electromagnetic communication than most other Fen I know." - Cortana, 2019
  • "I'm glad Lynn's on our side, because I don't think I could keep her out of the StellviaCorp systems if she really wanted in." - Takami Sakuragi, in the same conversation
  • "Sure you could. by totally isolating your system from the rest of the world. Of course, that would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?" -- Anonymous hacker chiming in