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First and last, what is demanded of genius is love of truth.

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Sprüche in Prosa (Proverbs in Prose), 1819

Stop building things that EXPLODE!

—Kat Vance, Sequential Art, strip #675

How can she not care?! This is SCIENCE!

—Agatha Heterodyne, Girl Genius, volume 13, page 91

Fenspace's usual abbreviation for "Mad Scientist", inspired by Mystery Science Theater 3000. While most people have a Blue Hair Day once or twice in their lives, Mads have metaphorical Blue Hair Days on a regular basis.

The Mads range from "slightly loopy" (Benjamin Rhodes, Kohran Li, A.C. Peters, etc.) to "full-out Hammer-Film-star candidates" (The Professor, Dr. Asmodeus Grey, etc.). Pray they're never all in the same place at the same time.

Foglio-Fen Mads are usually called Sparks, although not everyone who calls him- or herself a Spark is a Mad.

Notable Mads

For most of the Mads listed here, the specializations given here are simply suggestions... and Mads are often bad at following suggestions.

H. Junior Badille
A "Mad Space-Scientist", based out of the Yggdrasil
Martha Clark
A four-color Mad, specializing in robotics
R. Agatha Clay
A Boskonian Mad Roboticist who's gone as far as to experiment upon herelf
Dr. Asmodeus Grey
The Boskonian who perverted the Julian Friez machine into the Catgirling Machine, amongst other despicable achievements
R. Shizuka Hayama
A "Mad Mechanic" based out of Station McAuliffe
H. Agatha Heterodyne
Agatha Clay's "good twin," based out of the Yggdrasil
The Jason
Fenspace's best-known "Mad Biologist"
R. Kohran Li
A Mad Scientist in the classic steampunk mode, specializing in things that explode.
Fred MacManus
A generalist Mad, best known for putting Pallas in a plastic bag
Maxmilian MacManus
Fred's AI assistant/companion, and a Mad in his own right
Lt. Koyomi "T-Bone" Mizuhara
This Yomi seems to have imprinted on Kohran Li (despite the two of the never having met during the younger Mad's formative cycles), echoing a lot of her Mad abilities and quirks
A.C. Peters
Best-known as a Mad Medic, A.C. is also a cyberneticist and electronics specialist.
R. Quattro
"Daughter" of R. Agatha Clay, a scientific generalist, and "mad" in two ways; she's both a mad scientist and a sociopath.
Leonard da Quirm
Probably the most prolific of the Mads. A generalist.
The Professor
Arguably the Maddest of the Mads. Responsible for the Julian Friez machine, Hades Station, and the bad reputation handwavium has in much of western Europe (especially France).
Benjamin Rhodes
A "Mad Military Scientist" and Mad Mechanic, better known as the leader of the Roughriders.
H. Nikola Tesla
Much like his real-world counterpart, and based out of the Yggdrasil
The members of Catgirl Industries seem to form a Mad Group Mind.