Magnificent Midnight

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Spacecraft Registry
SS Magnificent Midnight
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullLockheed SR-71 Blackbird
Drive TypeIon thrusters
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.21c
  • Retractable ventral and dorsal turreted M61 Vulcans
  • Coilguns (2x) mounted inside the forward chinaries
OwnerBenjamin Rhodes
Flag of RecordRepublic of Texas (defunct)
FactionThe Roughriders
Registry Number133T-5P33D
PurposeHeavy interceptor
Primary CrewBenjamin M. Rhodes (Capt.)
Regina "Gina" Langely (1st Mate)
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Benjamin "BlackAeronaut" Rhodes

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • I can't drive fifty-five: This ship loves to go fast. Period. And whatever you do, do not get in her way or else you'll wind up like the Curacoa when it met the Queen Mary.
  • I'm Pointy: Her uber-sleek and pointy looking hull is a weapon unto itself. With it, she can slice and dice ships smaller than herself.
  • Lemmeout!Lemmeout!Lemmeout! She will only stay in one place long enough for cargo to be loaded or unloaded. Afterwards, she will take off and zoom around. Fortunately, she's also a loyal ship and will come back once called for if you give her a little bit of time to roam around.
  • Daredevil: The only thing she likes more than going fast is going fast through a densly packed asteroid field.
  • Respect Is Earned: While she's generally sweet natured (if a bit mischievous) to Benjamin and Gina, all others must earn her respect.
  • Ptichka's Little Sister: Oddly enough, she communicates pretty much the same way the infamous Ptichka does and possesses many of the same mannerisms, only with the kind of spunk and sassy attitude you'd expect from a "Little Sister".
  • Musically Inclined: While not necessary to her regular functions, the Magnificent Midnight does gain minor, if quirky, enhancements from certain songs (Benjamin blames the collected works of Drunkard's Walk he was reading at the time of her 'waving image ). Known enhancement-producing songs, their effects, include:
    • The Beatles, Blackbird - As odd as it may seem, Midnight remembers her time as an ordinary SR-71 Blackbird (if you could call such an existence ordinary) and her time as an 'ornament' at Kelly AFB was very bad for her. When Ben plays this song for her, her mood always brightens and efficiency levels pick up at least ten percent. This effect lasts all day if done as a 'wake-up' song, a quirk similar to the space-shuttle type wave-craft.
    • Depeche Mode, Photographic - This song reminds Midnight her original purpose as a high-speed reconaisance craft and, when outside The Limit, enables her to perform deep-space photography with stunning clarity and resolution while in FTL mode. If played inside The Limit then she just starts taking snap-shots of whatever the heck she likes (imagine a kid controlling a spy-satelite - "I see you!").
    • System of a Down, Chop Suey - Two Words: Suicidal Tendencies. When played, Midnight goes on a berserker rage and will ignore any battle-damage short of a major system failure. Benjamin, of course, doesn't play this song except in the most dire circumstances.
    • The Who, Goin' Mobile - Makes Midnight even more maneuverable than usual, and more comfortable for Benjamin ("I'm an air-conditioned gypsy"), as long as she's moving faster than half her rated speed. On the flip side, no official calls - from OGJ, Space Patrol, faction leaders, local air traffic control, allied forces in the current "furball", etc. - can reach her at all. ("Watch the police and the taxman miss me")
    • The Red hot Chili Peppers, Slow Cheeta - Makes Midnight move at a funeral dirge pace, literally. Also causes her to be more introspective and reflective in her thoughts. Usually only used for performing said somber duty.
    • Filter, Hey Man, Nice Shot - Grants Midnight some absolutely wicked sharp-shooting skills which includes the ability to put some 'english' on her coilgun rounds so nailing two targets with one shot isn't out of the question.
    • Blue Man Group (feat. Tracy Bonham), Up To The Roof - Initiates an automated search of the area up to five astronomical units in diameter. Midnight uses her own methods to find whatever it is you have her looking for.
    • Linkin Park, Hands Held High - Causes everyone in the area of affect to rally to her position and grants Benjamin a massive boost to his charisma. The latter part of the quirk causes Haruhi no small amount of annoyance when she's present for fleet actions where Benjamin plays this song.


Overflying Earth's Sierra Nevada Mountains
  • Midnight is the fastest interplanetary and interstellar ship in Fenspace, capable of sprint speed up to 19% light speed inside the Limit and 520x light speed outside.
  • Even though a substantial amount of interior space has been converted from fuel tankage to cargo and living space, it is very cramped inside. So much that getting out of the pilot's seat and into the cabin requires reclining the seat, grabbing ahold of handles overhead, and dragging yourself out. It is for this reason that Ben really likes his weekends off, no matter how much fun it is to zoom around in Midnight.
  • Midnight does have some passive stealth capabilities, just as she did before she was handwaved. Ergo when she turns off her transponder, looking for her in the big-black will be as much fun as looking for a needle in a haystack because her radar signature is about the size of a standard bedroom door.


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