Maico Tange

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Maico Tange
ResidencePort Luna, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationFreelance Reporter
Weight98 lbs.

Open Character, created by Rob Kelk

Game statistics

A cute strawberry-blonde who's apparently in her early 20s (and has been for at least a half-decade), Maico is 5'2" tall and has blue eyes. She has a stereotypical but appealing contralto "anime little girl" voice.

Maico is a freelance interviewer. She prefers "human interest" stories, but will cover other news if she's on the scene when the story breaks. All of her reports are netcast on her website - she makes a living from selling some of her reports to broadcast networks and from website banner advertising.

She's been "up" since 2010, ever since she hitched a ride to The Island on the Galaxy Express 999. Despite everything she's seen in the last few years, Maico is still guileless. Her willingness to trust anyone who hasn't been shown to be untrustworthy has made her many friends, and she likes almost everyone she's interviewed (except for Jon Helscher, with whom she has some professional disagreements).

Maico lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Port Luna, but only spends about half her time in cislunar space. The rest of the time, she can be found almost anywhere in Fenspace that there's a "feel-good" story to be broadcast.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Hai? Sorry, Yes? Fluent in both Japanese and English.

Handwavium Attributes

Apparently none, but there's an obscure anime called Android Announcer Maico 2010 and some knowledgable Fen wonder whether she biomodded herself to be more like that show's lead character. Her appearance is similar to that Maico's, but this Maico is known to be human. (There are no records of a "Maico Tange" before 2010, but that means nothing in Fenspace.[1])


  • It's my trademark: Overuses the phrase "Yes, of course."
  • Can I get it without the tax? Perpetually struggling to make ends meet, even by the lax standards of Fenspace. (Many of the people she regularly interviews tend to buy her lunch before or after interviews.)


None (Neutral).

Preferred Transport

Whatever she can find room on. Maico can't afford to be picky about passage.[2]


Maico plays a noticeable role in the following stories:


  1. Unless you're using the Gernsback-2 setting information.
  2. Unless you're using Fenspace as Gernsback-2, in which case she travels on as many different ships as possible because it's part of her real job as an Infinity researcher.