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Of the three permanent habitations on the side of Luna farthest from Earth, Mare Marginis is the busiest. It was chosen (almost at random) by the Crystal Millennium as the building site for the Venusian Crystal Cities, and has since become the Sailor Armed Militia's primary dockyard.

Places of Interest


Over three hundred people call Bristol home. Roughly a third of these people work at Takeuchi Shipyard, while roughly four dozen more are shopkeepers, doctors, police officers, and others who are essential to the smooth running of a town. The remainder are fenkinder and other dependents of the dockworkers, merchants, and civil servants.

There are few comforts in Bristol; it is primarily a bedroom community. The residents travel to "nearside" for entertainment, usually visiting the Moon Kingdom Memorial Outpost, Kandor City, or Port Luna when the desire for amusement becomes strong.[1]

Takeuchi Shipyard

Takeuchi Shipyard
Airport type Construction Base
Owner/Operator Crystal Millennium
Serves Bristol, Mare Marginis, Luna
Location Bristol, Mare Marginis, Luna
Built 2009

The Sammies' Takeuchi Shipyard is just outside of Bristol, close enough to be within an easy commute by maglev rail, but far enough away to provide some protection to the settlement in case of disaster at the shipyards.

The shipyard's two largest drydocks had been occupied by the unfinished hulls of the Hornblower class cruisers Atropos and Hotspur from the end of the Boskone War until early 2019, when Serenity II ordered construction of the two ships to resume. Both ships are expected to launch by 2025. The smallest drydock is usually used to build Bolitho class ships, almost as a hobby – the shipwrights can turn out one of these pocket patrol ships in a month while still working on other projects.

The other five drydocks at Takeuchi see varied uses. While this is the only shipyard that builds Aubrey class patrol vessels for the Sammies, that work is carried out at cost. Profitable work is performed for whoever wants to engage the shipyard's services, including Stellvia Corporation[2] and Hermes Universal Deliveries.

When there is a need for a Crystal City, the shipwrights do not use a drydock for its construction; instead, they help the people who will be living in that city to build it on the surface of Mare Marginis while making the necessary preparations to turn the area into Unreal Estate. Such work is always a major, long-term project.


  1. Regular shuttles run from Bristol to the Memorial Outpost and Kandor daily, and to Port Luna three times a week, each returning the next morning.
  2. Many of the modules that would be joined together to become the habitation rings of Stellvia, Odyssey, and Ultima were built at Takeuchi.