Matthew "Matt" West

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Matthew West
ResidenceThe Island
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesMatt
EmployerFloating Island Pte Ltd, Island Real Estate Investment Trust
TitleDeputy Ops Chief, Good Idea Man, Bad Idea Man, SF Fen Liaison

Primary Writer: Acyl

Deputy Ops Chief, The Island

Mundane Attributes

  • Number Three: Deputy Ops Chief, meaning he's third-in-command after Eric and Will. Given the his bosses, Matt's the guy who often ends up really running the show.
  • Boo Bear: He's always got an angle. Positively Machiavellian, if he weren't such a nice guy. Friendly. Creative. Your Best Friend. He's a big cuddly teddy bear, really. Of course, he's also big. And bear-like. You don't want to see him angry...
  • Idea Man: One of the key folks in actually getting the Island aloft. Someone had to lie, bribe, and cheat their way around the Nigerian authorities, pretending to be foreign investors, hiding the fact they were planning to abscond with a very large chunk of countryside...

Handwavium Ability

  • Afro: Yes. An afro. A very large afro. Which is kinda scary, once you realize he's an Excel Saga fan. The advantages of Afrospace are obvious, though with his height and hair, going through doors can be problematic. It also sets off metal detectors, jams radio transmissions...


  • Afro: 'nuff said.