Mikuru Asahina

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Mikuru Asahina
Mikuru Asahina.jpg
NationalityFenspace Convention
Height152 cm

NPC Character defined for Fenspace by Bob Schroeck
based on the character created by Nagaru Tanigawa

Well... you want to scream and shout. But you just can't get mad at that face, can you?

Jet Jaguar, 2013

Member of the SOS-Dan, mover and shaker.


Mikuru is a lovely woman, and smarter than she seems... but I wouldn't trust her any farther than Haruhi can throw a fit.

Noah Scott, 2015

Voted one of the ten most beautiful women in Fenspace for three years running as of 2016, Mikuru Asahina has been described as possessing the body of a porn star, the face of an innocent child, and the personality of a terrified mouse. She is famously shy and is the least public of the SOS-Dan; correspondingly her role and function within the cadre is unclear. Many believe she is simply Haruhi's personal secretary, while others snidely suggest she has even less importance than that, being nothing but a sextoy for the other brigade members. (Her known proclivity for risque cosplay despite her monumental shyness does add some weight to these accusations.)

Don't let the waterworks and the triple-dees fool you. "Meeks" is one scary operator. She's got the respect of the Tom Clancy and Bourne Fen. Chew on that for a bit.

Tom Dobbs, 2018

At the other extreme, certain observers believe that her apparent shyness and timidity are merely camouflage for Haruhi's personal enforcer and assassin. The critical lack of anyone who has actually died in or near her vicinity has done nothing to quell these accusations.

Mikuru's history before the SOS-Dan left Earth is all but nonexistent. (The fact that she uses only hiragana to spell her name doesn't help in tracing her past, either.) Extensive rumors that she is a former adult model/performer have been almost entirely debunked, but no other information about her background has been found. Some have suggested that she wasn't originally a member of the Brigade, per se, but a former girlfriend or other acquaintance who was caught up in events against her will. And some dedicated observers of the SOS-Dan believe that "Mikuru" is actually a false identity shared by a set of twins, based on several unconfirmed reports of her appearing to be in two (widely-separated) places at the same time.

Handwavium Abilities

  • None known (but see the SOS-dan page)


  • Crouching Ditz, Hidden Competence: Mikuru is much more capable than she appears, although not to the extremes that some attribute to her. Among her other skills, she is a skilled administrator and has demonstrated decent hand-to-hand fighting ability.
  • When Two Can Be As One: As noted above, some believe that "Mikuru Asahina" is actually a cover identity shared by a pair of twins (or possibly a set of Ayanami-like clones).
  • Please Don't Hurt Me: Mikuru has the ability to generate paralyzing guilt and/or pity in anyone short of a genuine sociopath (or Haruhi) with the quiver of a lip and a glistening of her eyes. This is believed to be not a Handwavium-based "power", but expert emotional manipulation.


Quantum Leap, Time Trax, Doctor Who, the Bill and Ted films, Twilight Saga, Zipang.

Known Associates

The SOS-dan (Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Yuki Nagato, and Itsuki Koizumi)


Mikuru has a notable or major role in the following stories: