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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hull1983 Subaru GL wagon
Drive TypeReactionless rotor
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerThe HSF
Flag of RecordHephaestus
Registry NumberHSF-006
LaunchedAugust 2009
PurposeDispatch boat
Primary CrewMillie is capable of self-drive and is fully autonomous
Operational StatusActive
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"Millie" is an AI-controlled 4-door sedan dispatch boat, with integrated airlock dividers, allowing any of the three compartments to remain pressurized while others are exposed to vacuum.

She's loyal to the HSF. Millie knows who her Boss is, and will not consider other offers of employment.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Perky goddess: Millie was intended to be a Greek goddess, but the AI core generated as a perky blonde secretary, professional and dedicated. Millie isn't a supergenius, but she's more than capable enough to motor her chassis around Fenspace's docks and yards without any trouble.
  • I'm a Girl, that's why! Millie's AI core is female, emphatically so. As of yet, this has posed no problems with romantic entanglements, but she tends to avoid having to dispose of vermin or lift truly heavy objects, this is what boys are for, after all.
  • I may not be a supermodel, but...: Millie is aware that her chassis isn't the "pinnacle of automotive engineering," but she still likes to look her best. Keeping her in good tires and keeping the paint clean and polished are a necessity. If the interior and exterior are not well-kept and maintained on a regular basis, Millie will lose efficiency and speed.
  • Oh Boys! Millie is quite fond of the "Boys," Hephaestus' small fleet of 'waved Suburbans, and they're quite fond of her. Fond enough that if she calls, the poor devil loading a ton or two of rich steel slag into the back of one of the Boys may find himself working alone, while a pseudo-intelligent Suburban careens across the system barking happily and heading for his girl.
  • "Grunt!" Millie retains one of the quirks of her basic chassis, and can handle and haul several times her normal payload or rated capacity, but she doesn't like it. She also is top-speed limited, and depending on the amount of overload, her top speed can drop to as low as .05c


  • Millie's AI Core is unique amongst Hephaestus' cadre of AI and pseudo-intelligent personnel in that it was spawned from non-Wintel hardware, a Mac Powerbook modified into her dash console and wired into the car system.
  • She's not the best looking or fastest vehicle in space, but she's reliable, she can park on a dime and bring back change, and she's Here to Help.
  • Even though Millie is the chronologically and experientially older of the two, she thinks of and treats Vioarr as an older sister, and is fairly intimidated by her.


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