Mnemosyne's Honey

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Mnemosyne's Honey is a variant of handwavium developed by the Jason when he wanted to create memory upgrades for his ship's AIs.

Physically, it's a rich red-gold leaning almost towards brown-gold, like one of the darker honeys or ambers. It is about the consistency of a thin honey, as well.

When applied to standard computer storage devices or media, Mnemosyne's Honey increases their memory capacity by six orders of magnitude (bringing a 1GB MP3 player up to 1TB capacity, for example), but changes their menus to Greek. When applied to an electrical power battery, it gives that battery the power-generation characteristics of Solid Handwavium.

The effects of Mnemosyne's Honey on organic memory are, as yet, unknown.

The strain doesn't culture well on most media. Minimum medium requirement is one of hazelnuts, and you only get a growth rate about half of normal on that. Minimum effective requirement is a medium of hazelnuts and rosemary, which will yield a normal growth rate. An alternate culture medium - one of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme - yields a growth rate of about 75-80% of normal, but requires the playing of Simon and Garfunkel tunes during the growth cycle. Scarborough Fair is preferred, of course, and it will take some covers of that tune as well as the one by S&G.

The Gearheads call Mnemosyne's Honey "computronium". The Jason discourages this name (and any other), requesting that anyone who uses Mnemosyne's Honey remember and honor the Greek goddess after whom it is named.