Moon Kingdom Memorial Outpost

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It'd be realistic if NASA had strong suspicion that there was a kingdom on the Moon... and yet could not get the funding to investigate in person. "But it's right there!" "I'm sorry, we just can't get the votes in Congress right now..."

One of these days, Usagi'll go up there and plant a lawn. That'll really confuse 'em.

—Shadowjack, In Which Shadowjack Watches Sailor Moon S, 6 March 2011

The Senshi maintain their Moon Kingdom Memorial Outpost in Mare Serenitatis on Luna, almost exactly halfway between the Apollo 17 and Luna 21 landing sites. Originally the Senshi's first settlement (founded back when they called themselves the "Silver Millennium Kingdom"), it has become a tourist attraction, the official "summer residence" of Queen Serenity II (many of the Senshi's ceremonial Affairs of State take place here), and the administrative centre for "The Archipelago," the Senshi's settlements that do not orbit Venus.

The Memorial Outpost is also the home port for the Sailor Armed Militia search and rescue vessel Polychrest.

A small number of people still live here full-time, instead of in the Crystal Cities or one of the larger Action Girl settlements. Most of these people are Sammies, bureaucrats, or entertainers.