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The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space Cast


  • F
    F: A Great Justice troubleshooter assigned to help the FBI. Grey's partner.
  • Grey
    Grey: GJ troubleshooter working with the FBI.
  • Auger
    Auger: Former GJ marine pilot, dragged along by Grey so she doesn't have to drive.
  • Boss
    Arthur Nkomo is F & Grey's superior. Attached to the GJ offices in Kandor City.


  • Hamilton
    Agent Alexander Hamilton: FBI agent investigating a series of murders and attacks apparently done with handwaved tech.
  • Li
    Agent Beryl Li: FBI agent working with Hamilton on the attacks.
  • Chalmbers
    Detective Timothy Chalmbers: Boston PD homicide detective, originally the lead investigator on one of the murders until the FBI got involved.
  • FBI boss
    Emilia Aguilar: Agents Li and Hamilton's immediate superior in the Boston office.


  • Leza comic bio.jpg
    Mr. Leza: He's definately involved in this mess, up to his mustache.
  • Ds comic bio.jpg
    Another probable villain, given to snarkiness and short skirts.
  • Sgai comic bio.jpg
    Either an AI or someone who really likes teleconferencing. An associate of our likely villains.
  • Bosk a comic bio.jpg
    Harry Carrillo, employed by Mr. Leza.
  • Bosk b comic bio.jpg
    Louis Morrison, one of Harry's co-workers.
  • K morgan.jpg
    Keith Morgan, a drug dealer arrested by Chalmbers and Li.
  • Dale bio headshot.jpg
    Dale Samuel, Co-worker of Harry and Louis.

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