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The Mystery of the Fen from Outer Space

(written and drawn by Brian Webb)<br\> Updated every Thursday<br\> <br\>

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Vision Impaired Transcript

<br\> Narrator: OGJ offices, Bottle City of Kandor, Luna<br\> F: So why are we here? This isn't a good thing, but...<br\> Grey: Yeah, isn't the Patrol supposed to deal with this sort of stuff?<br\> Arthur: They're supposed to, but apparently the FBI is being bitchy.<br\> Arthur: They want someone with, quote "Real War Experience", and apparently our friends in FESWAT are too heavily 'waved for them.<br\> Grey: You have noticed the fur, yes?<br\> Arthur: Someone may have forgotten to mention a few things.<br\> Arthur: We need to resolve this before it gets too big. Criminals using 'wave tech, on the verge of open gang wars...<br\> Arthur: Between the war and that mess with the VVS this spring we don't need another excuse for the 'Danes to get up in arms.<br\> F & Grey: We understand.<br\> <br\>

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